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Total Body & Mind Reset

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Extreme situations call for extreme self-care measures.

I don’t think any of us anticipated just how crazy this past year would have been. It goes without saying that we have all been experiencing extreme shifts both in the world and our personal lives. These drastic changes can take a toll on our health if we do not have the tools to navigate through them gracefully. In order for our bodies and minds to transition into this new normal, we too need to make some shifts within our own day to day.

The good news is, this is within our power and control. Simple self-care rituals have the ability to empower us and completely shift our mindset by putting us in the optimal position of health and vitality to receive all the blessings abundantly coming our way in this new year.

Here are 10 self-care rituals to help you harness the new energy of 2021!

  1. Meditation: A meditation practice is more crucial than ever these days, so if you do not yet have a meditation practice, here is your sign that you need to start. Keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate it. Simply choose a time within each day away from distractions and allow yourself to be still. You will have thoughts come and go, acknowledge them and let them go. The more you practice, the easier it will be to get to a place of inner peace. This is a time for you to check in with your own knowingness, despite outside influences, news and all the chaos. Remember, all the answers we seek are inside of us but we have to be still and quiet enough to listen. Start with 5 minutes each day and build up to 20 minutes or more. You will start craving this solace and wisdom. Learn more in my book -The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health
  1. Gratitude Journaling: It is easy to get caught up in the negatives of life but we need to remember that our current state creates our future, so if we focus on the negatives and what we don’t have then we will actually get more of that. The universe always says, yes. So if you say, I am broke or I am never lucky, the universe says yes and confirms your statement. The simplest way to get more of what you desire, is by living energetically as if you already have what you seek and by showing gratitude for what you currently have. Start a gratitude journal and simply write out 5 things that you are grateful for each day. The only rule is, they have to be different each day. Starting every morning like this is the best way to ensure a fantastic day.
  1. Manifestation: The new year energy is the perfect time to set new goals and manifest your deepest desires. Just by writing your goals down on a piece of paper, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. So get really clear and write. Don’t hold back because you think your goals are too unrealistic or too big. Your job is to just get clear about what you actually want then release control and attachment from the outcome. Sometimes the universe has a far better plan than you can fathom. It is also important to keep your vibrational energy high, positive and optimistic because things of equal vibration are naturally drawn to you. 
  1. Dry Brushing: Before I head into my daily sauna session I always dry brush. Dry brushing helps stimulate the lymph flow within the body, decongests the skin and aids in detoxification. I always add a few drops of The Goddess Shaping Body Oil onto my dry brush to further facilitate in detoxification. The Goddess Shaping Body Oil is a high vibrational, aromatic, full body nectar composed to prevent and correct the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. It stimulates circulation to aid in proper metabolic function, detoxifying both the physical & mental body and strengthening the skin. Formulated with organic, purifying, aromatic oils like Cypress, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and more it turns my sauna session into a sensorial experience. To dry brush: Start at your feet and work your way up, always brushing towards your heart. Then do the same with your arms, starting at your hands and brushing towards your heart. Continue with the rest of your body (except your face) always brushing in the direction of your heart.
  1. Infrared Sauna: Hopping into my Therasage Infrared sauna is absolutely one of my favorite places to be. No matter your current state of health and no matter how careful you are, the truth is, we are all absorbing toxins in our environment on a daily basis. We have a few main modes of detoxification: sweating, urinating/bowel movements and breathing. All of these need to be functioning optimally for our bodies to help rid us of the daily toxin intake we encounter. It is when these toxins build up over time, from lack of proper elimination, that we can become sick. Sweating it out in my sauna every day is one of my main tools to do so. Something many people don’t realize is the importance of taking a binder about 30 minutes prior to going into your sauna. This helps extract any toxins that you might be detoxing and prevent your body from reabsorbing them and making you sick. I also like to put my Therasage Ozone therapy machine inside of my sauna once I start to perspire. It enhances the absorption of the ozone through the skin 8-10 times, thus increasing blood oxygenation levels. Enriched oxygen treatments can speed up healing by improving the function of the immune system, kill off harmful pathogens and increase your natural glow. Use code: BEGOLDEN to save at Therasage
  1. Cold Plunge/cold shower: Post infrared sauna, I immediately rinse off and finish with cold water to engage my body's own healing response. The change in temperature creates a shift in the body and mind, helping us to be more adaptable to change, increasing circulation, blood flow and the release of endorphins that can instantly revitalize your mood and boost your metabolism. If you have a cold plunge then you already know the many benefits of it but if you don’t, a one minute cold shower will suffice. On another note, it is wise to invest in a good shower filter so that you are not reintroducing toxins into your skin after purging them. It is also wise to be mindful of the soaps and other care products you use on your skin. I recommend only washing the pits and bits with a natural castile soap and using natural oils to wash the rest of your body. We were not meant to use harsh soaps every day, as they strip our skin's natural oils. This damages the microbiome of our skin and that affects everything, including our immunity. The Golden Secrets support the microbiome of your skin and more.
  1. Nourishment: Our body is a reflection of what is going on inside. We can do everything externally but if we don't take care of the food and thoughts we feed ourselves every day then we won’t be able to live at our highest potential. I don’t believe that there is one diet for everybody. As I talk in my book- The Golden Secrets To Optimal Health, I like to take into consideration your ancestry, what did they eat? What is your blood type? What is your current state of health? Because the sicker you are the cleaner you need to be. What foods are native to where you currently reside? What foods are seasonal? There are a lot of things to think about when nourishing your body but in general, we want as much fresh, clean, and colorful foods in our diet as possible with the least amount of toxins of course. No matter what your diet is, due to the depletion of our soil, I highly recommend adding a prebiotic like IONBiome to your day. IONBiome works at the gut lining, where 70% of our immune system resides, to strengthen the barrier function, defend against environmental toxins, support respiratory wellness and they feed probiotics- two supplements I recommend for almost everybody. Another great resource to jump start your health is Sakara Life Meal delivery program. Use code XOGOLDEN for 20% off! This is a great investment and makes eating healthy so easy and every meal is absolutely delicious.
  1. Live according to nature (earthing/sun therapy): Nature is always my first resource. When we align with nature, we better align with ourselves and the best part about spending time in nature is it’s free and it always works. Through the years with the invention of rubber souls and sunscreen, we have missed out on some of the most vital nutrients Mother Earth has to give us. First let’s talk about our connection to the earth or lack thereof, since most of us are wearing shoes all the time and don’t often sit in the grass. If you live in a climate where you are able to let your feet touch the earth every day then make that a daily ritual. If you live in a colder climate, you can still get outside and sun gaze, hug a tree, and breathe in your biome. Earth has a healing frequency that can restore balance within the body, including shifting it from sympathetic to parasympathetic, reducing inflammation and pain, assisting in better sleep and even elevating your mood. Now let’s talk about sun therapy. The sun is our original source of healing light and receiving the sun's rays allows your body to manufacture it’s essential vitamin D within the skin- a vitamin (actually a hormone) most people are deficient in since the rise of sunscreen, causing a whole slew of health issues. Healthy Vitamin D levels are responsible for regulating our mood, immune function, maintaining optimal weight, fighting off dis-ease and actually preventing skin from aging prematurely. Make time to receive Mother nature’s healing benefits each and every day and see how better you feel.
  1. Gua Sha for face and body: Gua Sha is an ancient therapeutic, self-care technique that has the ability to take years off your skin and unveil your natural glow. Blocked blood flow throughout our body greatly affects how and when we start showing the first signs of aging, pain and even stress. Gua Sha gives us access to improve these common issues by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen via the friction of the stone over the connective tissue beneath the skin, increasing blood flow brings better nutrition and more flexibility to the underlying tissue and muscles and awakens your natural beauty. The Golden Secrets Gua Sha stones are unrivaled by any other stones on the market. Made from Sibin, Bian stone, a sacred stone that contains over 40 trace elements, (over 20 of these have anti-aging effects) creates therapeutic Far Infra-Red (FIR) waves, therapeutic ultrasound, negative ions best known to help with anti-oxidation (anti-aging) in human cells and DNA and beneficial minerals. The healing Bian stone generates around 3,700 ultrasonic pulses compared to other popular stones such as Jade stone at nearly 1843. When you purchase either of my stones, you receive a free 40 page ebook and two tutorials to teach you everything you need to know and walk you through every step of your ritual. To learn more click HERE. 
  1. Community: We all have been forced to be away from our loved ones more than ever this past year and this can have devastating effects on our health and quality of life. Despite the fear and scare, we need to find safe ways to still remain connected. We were born to hug one another and eat together and laugh together, this more than anything we do is detrimental to living our most vibrant life this coming year. It is said that even more important than the quality of food we cook at supper, it is the people that we enjoy the meal with that matters most. Something you can do right now, is take better care of yourself then share with your loved ones what has worked for you. Stay empowered, stay connected and together we will create a world that we can all be proud of. 

Learn more in my new ebook- High Vibrational Activation Guide

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