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Why Celebrity Makeup Artists & Supermodels Choose Us

These days, it is hard to tell what is genuine and what an influencer is just getting paid to market. As an influencer myself, I understand that this is how most influencers make a living so I do not blame them. Earlier in my career as a model I marketed products that I had never even used, some I even despised (fast food companies etc.) because my job/career depended on it. Luckily I am now in the position to choose what I promote and would never promote anything that I didn't actually use, love and believe in.

When I was making a living as a model, I would get paid to hold a beauty product and make it appear that the product was why I looked a certain way, even though I had never even seen the product until arriving on set. The bottom line is, I know how the industry works and it is run by money.

At The Golden Secrets, we cannot be more proud to say that we have never paid an influencer to market our products. We have never paid for advertising and we have never paid for (PR) public relations.

Every single supermodel, celebrity and influencer you see sharing our products are doing so because they genuinely love and adore them, not because they have a paid obligation to do so.

Most well-known companies have a budget just for public relations to get them into the biggest magazines in the world to increase brand awareness and notability. With a big enough budget, you will see these beauty brands voted as "The Best Beauty Products in the World' or "Award Winning". Unfortunately this has very little to do with the efficacy of the product but more to do with the money spent and the PR teams relationships and connections to the beauty editors.

This is not to say that we don't hope to someday get the stamp of approval from these prestigious magazines, but for now, we just want to toot our own horn about our grassroots approach that got us to where we are now.

As we grow, we will most likely start to advertise to increase brand awareness and be able to further share TGS with people worldwide, but for now, we love being able to say that the cult-following that we have created up to this point is all organic and in this day and age that says a lot!

So the next time you are influenced, here are some ways you can legitimize the products being pushed, in particular, skincare:

1. Check the companies website reviews. This is a great way to see real, verified buyers testimonials. Reviews speak for themselves and far exceed any other validation of a companies products.

2. See who is running the company. Check out their creation story and who formulated/created the products. Do you admire their approach? Fortunately these things are becoming more important to the conscious consumer.

3. Do they have surveys to testify to the products efficacy? Customer surveys are another great way to really see the true results of a product. We just did our first customer survey on product results with 25 verified customers and the results speak for themselves. They are listed underneath each product.

4. What does the owners skin look like? Do you want skin like theirs? This is a huge one that most people forget because quite often the owner hides behind paid models. 

5. What does the company stand for? Does it align with your beliefs? Is it all inclusive? Or did it just become that way to be on trend? TGS has always been an all inclusive brand. You can scroll through all our social platforms since day one and our posts /message have always been the same - "We are all in this together". That has always been our motto and is also on the back cover of my book.

6. Do they give back? RESPONSIBILITY. This day and age it's every companies responsibility to do their part, no matter how small or large they are. Since the beginning TGS has made it our mission to use our platform to help create positive change and create products that go way beyond the skin. 

Want to see what all the hype is about? Check out our Best Sellers!

Check out the work of three of the biggest celebrity makeup artists whose clients just can't get enough of the TGS Glow! @jey_ventura @leahdarcymakeup @jocelynjohnson_

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