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Why I Refuse To Have The Word "Jealous" In My Vocabulary.

Ten years ago I vowed to never use the word "jealous".   Every time I would hear that word I would tense up and cringe.   No matter what angle you look at it or how you try to defend it, once you have uttered the word "jealous" the energy shifts to negative.   After many years of continuing to hear people use the word so lightly.  I have come to the realization that there is never and I mean never a good, justified reason to use it, unless you intentionally want to create negative energy.  Then you have far more to work on, to begin creating happiness.  Jealous, is an ugly word that takes away  somebody elses light.  Yet it is used with a smile.  It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Here is what the power of the word "jealous" can do. The word itself means that you can not be happy for someone else. The joy and happiness that someone else is having, that made you feel  jealous, is instantly taken away. The word is very selfish and hurtful because it instantly makes the other person uncomfortable and deflated, as if they don't deserve what it is you are jealous about. The energy of the word is so negative that it instantly puts dark energy into the situation.  Heaviness, sickness, and bad voodoo all accompany jealousy.

What to do instead: Know there is enough goodness to go around and you will get your turn, Especially if you can be happy for others. Change your thought pattern.  If a jealous feeling creeps in, change your thoughts to happiness for that person. Repetitive, positive reactions.  Continue to do this work every single time and you will change.  The word will start making you feel sick, literally. Tell yourself that they deserve that joy and don't assume that their life is perfect.  You don't know what they have gone through to get there. From darkness comes light.  Let this opportunity be a catalyst for positive change in your life. Use your feelings in a positive way to encourage yourself and strive for whatever it is that you want. Know that nothing good comes from being jealous of somebody. If somebody uses the word "jealous" with you, do not accept it.  Do not dim your light to make them comfortable.  Stand even taller and own your success.

* He that is jealous is not in love.- Saint Augustine

Comments (2)

  • Andrea on March 27, 2017

    My response is in regards to this writing, the empath and the Twin Flame one :) And I never put myself out there like this but maybe you will know something more to it then me.

    I don’t think I ever feel jealous about others in fact I can learn from them and I know it has to do with self growth and being content “being me” and confident in who I am and the woman I am still growing to be. But when it comes to one man I feel strongly about then that is when that word “jealously” exists. When in love I am very conservative and have high morals and expect the same from my mate. I just unconsciously seek that “Equal love” I expect respect and want to feel like I am the only woman that exists in his eyes. I seem to boost Egos for previous men I shared my life with and then they go and obtain what I prepared themselves for but with somebody else. They become the better man they didn’t see or feel motivated to be. I am always taken to someones life to help them but I don’t feel a personal benefit ever. I seem to create my biggest fears and am rejected when I show my vulnerability. I project my flaws onto others and help them as if it helps myself. I feel I never know what to do for myself and just be humble helping others but at my expense and only having what I created and shared with another until I am left with nothing. I seem to be cursed and no longer want my good energy feeding others who drain me. I just feel empty and lost. Im not sure why I seek what I am missing in one man and I’m tired of being the strong one even though I insist on it and remaining in control and often appearing emotionless.
    When meeting who I “knew” was my “other half/twin flame” he was just like me even down to similar mannerisms, same eyes and markings on our skin yet we were equal opposites and it seems he obtained my biggest fears/dislikes and he tried my patience and made me feel pushed into unconditional love for him, caring for someone who frustrated me so much. I felt giving up on him was giving up on myself. He is the only man who ever got to me as if he is my kryptonite but yet I felt there was something I did not like about him, part of him was the older version of myself or maybe who I deny myself to be today….. it was things within me I didn’t like about myself. I ended up sabotaging things and feeling his emotions as my own so I ran to and from this intense energetic connection and I’m left clueless in silence on his end. I felt either we had work to do together or separate , I never knew but obviously he did not follow. ( there is a bit more to the story I cant include) but that aside, I felt I could not face him until I faced myself. I could not look into his eyes or even speak around him. I mostly wrote. When we were together its as if we melt into each other and minimal verbal communication is necessary. He said it was unsettling comfortability but also said earlier he felt we could be stalemate.
    I tried to be positive and think, in order for me to get answers to his passive aggressive behavior means I have to dig deep into myself and find the answers. Its been over a year now and I think Im the only one who feels Im grieving a loss like death. I want to disconnect my energy to him and re routing my thoughts…… Im not so strong. Its as if I don’t have a choice. I been in shock over the whole meeting but now finally able to cry and let go but proceeding forward is difficult when I don’t have the strength.

    I struggle with understanding what is the same and what is different with this one and I and its like a puzzle I kept guessing making assumptions but yet never asked certain things. To him, he felt I just knew how he felt and everything he’s have to say.
    I was guiding him as if I knew he would fail me or himself. Maybe inside I knew it was right but not right now. Things were intense and real with no small talk and opened closed doors for me and maybe for him too and it was as if we knew one another all along, lots of De je vu. Wish I knew if we are growing apart to grow back together later. We are in shock when we see each other but it almost seems we are not supposed to see one another or know the other exists. I never felt so scared, confused, enlightened, happy and destroyed all at the same time. I never been more sure of anything in my whole life, I just “knew” but so far I been proven wrong and that makes me feel unstable. He makes me second guess myself.

    I try and stick with the facts and I cant ignore the coincidences and synchonicities but his actions disprove what my heart and mind say is real. And the motto is, a mans words are best shown thru his actions but I too failed at that perhaps. I kept a certain distance. All I know is I want out and don’t know the way. I didn’t know what “IT” was or what to do with it and now I am to late wither way as I think he is dating another, something I cant foresee myself doing. I have much to deal with yet and being emptied emotionally in every way, Im not sure what the universe is preparing me for but I cant take it no more really.

    Mind if I ask how the beginning of your TF relationship began and what it was like?
    Im not sure who can read all this so maybe it can be deleted sometime after its read perhaps.

    Thanks for sharing and taking the time to read my thoughts and venting :)

  • goldenyogi on March 27, 2017

    email me :)

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