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stress relief

Gold Reflexology Acupuncture Massage Ring

900 XPF


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Every finger is associated with an organ and emotional state. Applying pressure and massage to these particular areas can help relieve physical and emotional imbalances in just 3-5 minutes a day.

"I keep this ring with me everywhere I go and pull it out whenever I'm waiting in line or need a moment to de-stress." -Jesse Golden, TGS founder

Ritual:  Apply your favorite TGS oil to your hands; we recommend our Heal All Oil for extra pain relief. Then roll the acupuncture ring up and down each finger. If you have a particular area that is bothersome, then focus more on that area.

You will learn more about common ailments and emotional imbalances associated with each finger in our FREE instant download that will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. 

Read more about reflexology.

Gold Reflexology Acupuncture Massage Ring

900 XPF