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Jesse Q+A - April Edition

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Thank you to everyone who engaged with our Instagram Q&A this month. I appreciate all your questions! This month, I am going deep into one category, all things pregnancy.

Don't forget, I answer the top five questions every month. Follow us @thegoldensecrets and my account @jessegolden to get your questions featured next time.

Love, Jesse Golden XO


Can you share your favorite pregnancy-safe wellness rituals?

Here are my top ten! I have always done many of these; some are new or I’m implementing them more due to pregnancy:

1. Yoga and Pilates: Other than walking, I don't think there is anything better for pregnancy and birth than yoga. I practiced the Khalsa Way my entire pregnancy with my first son and it changed my life. Plus downward dog, a restorative way to invert helps a breech baby turn. Pilates helps me feel strong in my body and allows me to go slow and steady and focus on my breath when it gets challenging, all things that come in handy when it's time to give birth.

2. Birthing Ball Exercises: I recently shared a reel of me doing some of my favorite birthing ball exercises. A birthing ball is a must if you are pregnant or even a new mom from birthing prep to labor and nursing. 

3. Red Light and Green Light Therapy: I've always been a fan of light therapy and have done it for over a decade almost every other day. Lately, I have been incorporating more green light which helps with hyperpigmentation and pregnancy mask. Shop light therapy here. 

4. Yoni Sunbathing: I've always been a fan of Yoni sunbathing and allowing the sun to shine where it normally doesn't but during pregnancy, there are even more benefits to nude heliotherapy. It supports hormone production, improves mood and energy levels, enhances Vitamin D, and exposes the breasts to sunlight is a natural way to start prepping the nipples for breastfeeding, aiding in a more comfortable transition.

5. Walking: Twenty years ago, when I was pregnant with Kaleo, my yoga teacher said if you want the baby to slide right out of you, walk. I have always been a big advocate of walking, I remember as a new mom too, it helped me mentally so much.

6. 360 Breathing: Deep breathing that uses your breath to expand your abdomen, side & back ribs (360) holds numerous benefits during pregnancy. Read the caption in my latest post on all the benefits here.

7. Meditation/Visualization: I have always harnessed meditation practice and love visualizing my ideal outcome. When it comes to pregnancy, there is no better time to practice this than mentally talking to your baby and visualizing how you want him or her to be inside of your belly and how you want the birth to be. 

8. Dry Brushing: I apply Womb Wisdom to my dry brush and gently make circular motions around my belly and I also focus on my bum, two areas that are prone to stretch marks during pregnancy. Not only does this encourage cellular turnover, increased circulation, and collagen fibers, but it also helps restore electromagnetic balance in the body. Our copper bristles create negative ions that protect the body from free radical damage and environmental stressors and counteract digital technology. Shop dry brush here.

9. Gua Sha For Face & Body: Oh, gua sha do I love you! Gua sha is a natural way to smooth out wrinkles by naturally activating collagen, re-educating and lifting the facial muscles, boosting lymphatic circulation, reducing puffiness, breaking up melanin production, and brightening and toning the skin while melting tension and stress away. I've also been doing body gua sha to keep the flow (qi) moving throughout my body. It’s been helping with late-night leg cramps and body aches as the baby gets bigger and bigger. Shop gua sha here.

10. Nutrition: Food is so important before during and after pregnancy. Choosing nutrient-dense foods and limiting junk food is key, but one of my favorite rituals is making my pregnancy tea (raspberry, nettle, oat straw) in the morning and sipping on that throughout the day, and then making warm raw milk with honey and added collagen protein, pearl powder, and Shilajit at night to help me have a restful sleep.

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