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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out.

UAW_Pinterest_02 A lot of us keep wishing that we can look or feel a certain way but the only way to start feeling the way we want is to stop wishing for it and start working for it!  Stop saying tomorrow, there is no better time than the present! 1.  No excuses!  Pick your work out days and make them an important part of your schedule. Remember someone busier than you is running right now. 2.  Make an appointment with yourself to work out.  Don't alter that appointment.  I like to think of it like a doctor's appointment, if you cancel there will be a cancellation fee so it's wise to just keep it.  Thats why I love going to classes or schools that have sign ups because you have to sign up for each class and once you commit there is usually a loss if you don't show up. 3.  Being tired or not having the energy is even more validation that you need to make some changes.  It's actually proven that regular exercise gives you more energy and fights fatigue. 4.  Be an example to your children and friends.  Show them that once you commit to something you are willing to work hard for it.  It is one of the most inspiring examples you can show to others around you. 5.  Don't complicate things and think you need a special membership, the perfect outfit, or you need to get fit before you get fit.  Just do something!  Walk, run around your block.  Find videos on YouTube.  Just start moving today and break a sweat! * My yoga teacher always said, "if you don't want to go, then you need to go."