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Q & A With Inspiring People.

Excitement would be an understatement when I think of this months inspiring person.  Every once in a while you come across a special person, who just has that "thing" that causes you to not be able to take your eyes off them , well that is exactly what Rachele Brooke Smith has. photo 1 copy I met Rachele about a year ago on an Under Armour shoot we did together.  She was hard to miss considering she was always doing something amazing!  Even on our breaks, while most of us were catching our breaths and stretching, Rachele was doing push up-hand stands or sit ups! haha:)  This girl not only has a physique of steel and strength of a power house she has a personality that is absolutely captivating. Rachele is a quintuple threat as a model, dancer, singer,producer and actor of numerous feature films as in, Bring it On, Footloose, Center Stage, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Seventeen again and Iron Man, to name a few!  She also spends her time giving back as a motivational speaker sharing her passions and philosophy of using dance and acting as therapy. Her credits on television, commercials, print campaigns, along with her own motivational web show called UNBREAKABLE DREAMS goes on and on. Rachele has her hand in everything and I can't wait to see what she does next! That is why I am so excited to share with you how she does it all. photo 1 I asked Rachele 8 questions. 1. What is your workout regimen? photo 2 My workout regimen is always changing! I am a huge advocate of continually switching up training sessions (I call workouts training because it is not just a workout to me it is a lifestyle.. always training to be just a lil faster, stronger, peaceful and powerful) so that my body never gets used to the same thing. But with that being said I usually incorporate some sort of dance and yoga into all of my workouts, simply because it makes my body feel good and my spirit feel alive and happy:) I also have changed my old beliefs that cardio is the be all end all! It simply is not the case! Quick bursts of cardio mixed in with some sort of strength training is by far more beneficial and not to mention ...fun1 THe more fun you make you "training sessions" the more you will want to keep doing it... (not to mention the more healthy and happy you will become!) 2. Tell us what you eat on a regular day? photo 5 copy 2 I eat as much veggies as I can possibly get my hands on! I really try to stick to the plain and simple whole organic natural foods as possible. I feel like I am always eating! I really want to help make a shift in the common miss belief that in order to be thin you have to eat less! I actually eat a ton of food, it's just a ton of things like... celery, snap peas, almonds, cashews, lean meats, spinach, kale, cucumbers, avocados, plant fusion protein powder, tomatoes, broccoli... 3. What inspires you to stay healthy and fit? photo 1 There are so many things that inspire me to be active and stay healthy I think the main one is that I just always want to be the very best I can be ... I think the way we view our selves is one of the most important things in life! If you view your self as a rock star athlete then you will soon become one! Fitness and health just makes me feel great and  energized, ready to take on any challenge that may come my way! I think of it more as fitness for my spirit more than anything else. Plus always get the best ideas during my training sessions! I genuinely do love training and always find ways to make it new and fun so I will continually want to do it! 4. What do you think the biggest mistake people make in trying to get into shape? photo 3 The biggest mistake people make when trying to get in shape is think they can go kill them selves at the gym for an hour then go eat whatever they want and be sedentary throughout the rest of the day. I firmly believe "abs are made in the kitchen" meaning it's really about 70% diet and 30% training (to see physical results) As  a society we must shift our mindset from "working out" to being active throughout the day (long walks, hiking, biking...are so under rated) as well as viewing food as our fuel..." would you ever put regular gas in a premium car?" Then why would  you treat your body any different? 5. If you had to choose one thing that you believe keeps you in the best shape what would it be? photo 1 copy I honestly don't think I could pick one thing that helps me stay in shape... it is all so connected mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But once again I think changing from the mindset of "killing my self at the gym" to being active throughout the day is huge!!! I think always reminding myself that no matter what is going in my sometime crazy days that, "my well-being is the most important above all else" especially because too much stress tends to make us either hold onto fat and or crazy sugary foods! I constantly say "I can choose peace over this:)!" and it help me see the bigger better picture ! 6. What is your guilty pleasure? photo 4 copy My guilty pleasures would defiantly be any kind dark chocolate with peanut butter or almonds and all kinds of froyo , whip cream and or cool whip lite with sugar-free jello:) omg and Quest Bars im so obsessed ( I am really not big into health bars I think they are just glorified candy bars but QuestBars are my absolute fave !!! 7. What is something you want to try but haven't yet? photo 2 copy 2 Something I want to try but havent yet is sword fighting (I really want to play action hero roles so any kind of cool fighting training like that I would love)   ....I am also gonna change that to place I want to go because I'm obsessed with traveling... I have not be to Australia yet and am dying to go! 8. What is the best advice you ever got? photo 2 copy The best advice I ever got... mmmm that a tough one so many to pick I might name a couple:)  ....  "Figure out exactly what you want in life, write it down, make dream boards of it, don't worry about the HOW just know the WHAT , know that it is all happening perfectly and watch it come to life" "To enjoy your life and become your best friend and biggest supporter instead of your worst enemy" "We live in a return to sender universe ...What you put out, you will get right back!" "See yourself through the eyes of someone you know loves and believes in you ...The way you view yourself is crucial in what you will be able to accomplish in life!" "You are the creator of you own destiny....what are you waiting for?" Start now and creat the life of your dreams!"  and never ever ever lose faith! Sometimes what may seem like the worst things that happen to us, actually turn out to be the best things that ever happened to us! (that inspired my song Blindside!) Be open and available! Say Yes to life, and it will say Yes right back:) and remember You can bend but never break...Stay Unbreakable! Follow Rachele and all her amazingness on her website Click here for Rachele's Facebook page Click here to follow her Instagram Click here to get her tweets