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How To Tighten Saggy Skin On Your Body

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If you have saggy skin on your body, you’re not alone. Most of us have areas where our skin is sagging due to age or weight loss and we all naturally lose fat and elasticity in our skin as we age. Perhaps it's around the belly, neck, knees or arms. While exercise and diet have a part to play in smoothing out skin tone and texture, the right skin care techniques can also help to tighten loose skin. Read on to explore the best products and skin care techniques that counteract the saggy skin on your body. 

4 Ways To Tighten Saggy Skin

1. Firming Ingredients.

Extend the products that you might already be using past your jawline. We often stop at our neck and forget the rest of our body. Give yourself a nightly massage with our Goddess Shaping Body Oil, formulated with detoxifying, organic ingredients vitamins A, B, and C that strengthen the skin and repair tissue damage, leaving it moisturized and revitalized by morning. Another product to add to your body ritual is our Instant Glow Facial Mask. Formulated with DMAE, a supernatural anti-sagging technology that lifts skin from beneath. Results magnify with consistent use. Apply to your neck and chest in gentle, upward sweeping motions. Over time, you should notice firmer-looking skin.

2. Copper Dry Brushing

Unlike regular dry brushing, our Ionic Copper dry brush creates friction between the copper bristles and your skin, creating negative ions and amplifying the positive effects like protecting the skin from free radical damage, environmental stressors and a bonus benefit of counteracting digital technology. Copper dry brushing is also a simple and effective method of exfoliation. By sweeping your brush across any saggy areas, you simultaneously exfoliate dead skin cells as well as improve blood circulation and saggy skin. Sweeping up along the arms, across your stomach, your legs and back or anywhere that may need extra TLC.

3. Body Gua Sha

This ancient Chinese therapy enhances the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation process, resulting in smooth, resilient skin. Its benefits include the removal of toxins and improved circulation to the fascia (connective tissues) which holds us together. This is one of the most effective ways to keep the skin tight and elasticity strong. Not only is it great for sagging skin but it also improves lymphatic flow and boosts collagen production, resulting in a healthy glow for your entire body.

4. Diet, Exercise & A Healthy Lifestyle

Collagen rich foods, putting muscle on to prevent sagging skin by maintaining the foundation of what holds the skin up and of course proper hydration are all simple diet and lifestyle changes that make as difference overtime. Tip: always take your collagen with Vitamin C, this creates a powerhouse duo that increases the benefits.






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