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body duo

Detox & Glow Duo



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Our two best-selling body oils in one kit! Each oil has its own unique benefits and uses, and results amplify when used together. 

Goddess stimulates circulation to aid in proper metabolic function, detoxifying both the physical & mental body, strengthening the skin, and relieving mental fatigue and emotional stresses. Aphrodisiac makes your essence simply irresistible, boosts your confidence, balances your hormones, smooths imperfections, and gives you the healthiest, most youthful, natural glow.

"These two are the ultimate in luxury and self-love for your body. Every time I use them, I feel like a goddess and get compliments on my skin and scent. They are divine." -Jesse Golden

Set Includes:

Goddess Shaping Body Oil ~ a high vibrational, aromatic, full-body nectar composed to prevent and correct the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite

Aphrodisiac Glow Oil ~ a high vibrational, intoxicating, natural bronzing body oil that deeply hydrates your skin while giving you an instant tint of color.


Post shower or bath, place several drops of Goddess into your hands and self-massage to contour and embrace your beautiful shape. Massage joyously to hips, thighs, buttocks, breasts, arms, and other areas that need some extra love. 

Next, shake well and spray Aphrodisiac, moisturizing all over. For that extra golden glow - add a few more sprays on your legs, arms, shoulders, above your cheekbones, or any other exposed area that you want to highlight.

We recommend using our products exclusively for a few weeks to truly harness their potential and allow your skin time to gently transition into its new, radiant and healthy state.

*Please see individual product pages for more detailed information about each product.

Detox & Glow Duo