Luxury starts with the best ingredients. Produced from only the finest cold-pressed, unrefined oils and the highest quality essential oils that are a product of steam distillation or CO2 extraction. 100% natural, non-toxic, non-GMO, organic, wildcrafted, plant-derived, sustainably sourced, cruelty free, and free of parabens, phthalates & all synthetics.

At The Golden Secrets we are committed to natural and organic products that compliment your inner and outer beauty without harming the environment or animals.

We carefully select all of our ingredients, taking into consideration sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. Knowing that plant botanicals are most effective when the farmer, herbalist, manufacturer and distributor all support the plants nourishing and healing qualities. Through our small batch process, we are able to embrace this quality of care.

When you use our products, your body, mind, and emotions attune to the very life force (prana) of the plant. Each plant offers a wide range of properties, or effects, yet each person draws from these properties individually, depending on their own needs. Harmonizing to your particular constitution and amplifying the potential to heal. Completely shifting your mind-body dynamic in a positive way and raising your electromagnetic frequency.

Our skin is our biggest organ so what we put onto it matters. So if we are eating organic and exercising and then loading up our system with toxic perfumes & lotions that disrupt the delicate balance of our body chemistry, then we are doing a disservice to ourselves.

The Golden Secrets supports and helps to restore your mind, body and it’s many functions for optimal health and well-being.


Our products are ethically designed from start to finish. We package our products in glass bottles that are 100% and infinitely recyclable and upcycle shipping materials for minimal environmental impact.

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