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A Little Peace of Mind

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A Little Peace of Mind
$ 44.00

A Little Peace of Mind

A Little Peace of Mind
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Everybody needs A Little Peace Of Mind these days. Our immune protection blend is based on the traditional Thieves Oil formula. What makes ours so powerful is it is made with 100% organic, vegan and gluten free ingredients. We added Frankincense- known for protecting the auric field, sage and 190- proof grape alcohol that is non-toxic and won't dry out your hands or skin.

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Known Targets:

  • Immune support
  • Promotes respiratory health
  • Has antimicrobial activity
  • Hand cleaner (not a replacement for proper hand washing)
  • Air purifier (known to kill airborne bacteria)
  • Energizes and uplifts the mood
  • Helps fight nasal and sinus congestion
  • Helps kill bacteria and mold
  • Protects the auric field

Usage: Shake well before use. Apply liberally to your hands, feet, back of neck, and the space that surrounds you. Use anytime you have been in a crowded area (in public or outside) or have been or are around sick people. Can also be used as a natural cleaner for the air, countertops, doorknobs, phones, beds, couches, pets, pet beds, walls, and other areas that need disinfecting. Made from some of the highest vibrational oils available- known to protect the auric field and aid in spiritual practice and meditation. Used topically and aromatically, not for internal use*

Suggested affirmations to recite to further enhance the benefits:

I inhale calm and exhale worry. I release all thoughts and fears that do not serve me or humanity. I find gratitude in everything I do have and choose to focus on that. I cast my light and love far and wide and know that every time I take a little better care of myself, it positively affects the whole. I am Golden.

Caution: The clove and cinnamon can irritate sensitive people's eyes and skin. Do not spray directly on the face or eyes.

*Disclaimer: This product will not cure or prevent any disease such as the Coronavirus or anything else. It is not a replacement for conventional cleaning supplies and or treatment or medicine. It is always wise to talk to your doctor if you feel sick in any way. We are simply sharing tools that have brought The Golden Secrets family and friends a little peace of mind during this time.

Ingredients: Our Thieves oil is a powerful blend of organic Clove, organic Lemon, organic Cinnamon Bark, organic Eucalyptus, organic Rosemary, organic Frankincense, carried in our organic sage hydrosol and organic, non-toxic, vegan and gluten free grape alcohol 190-proof. 

Clove-Boosts the immune system and can ease respiratory problems, stress, and infections. It is warming, soothing and comforting.

Lemon- a powerful antioxidant that naturally detoxifies the body and boosts the body's natural defense. It is refreshing, uplifting and joyful.

Cinnamon Bark-Has antiviral properties that supports a healthy and balanced microbiome and eases stress-related weak and exhausted conditions. It is energizing, comforting and warming.

Eucalyptus- Encourages respiratory health, aids in sinus and allergy relief and is a natural antibacterial. It is revitalizing, clarifying and invigorating.

Rosemary-Has antimicrobial agents that can slow down and inhibit bacterial growth. Helps ease stress, pain and bring on feeling of contentment. It is purifying and uplifting.

Frankincense- a powerful, protecting anti-inflammatory that helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, and promotes cellular health. It's very soothing and calming.

Sage-Natural antibacterial that can reduce stress and anxiety. Historically and medicinally known for its purification properties.

Grape alcohol-Organic, food grade 190-proof alcohol (grape, vegan, gluten-free) to naturally prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast. Unlike the common isopropyl alcohol in your first aid kit, ethanol alcohol is not drying or damaging to the skin.

Comes in a 20ml spray bottle*

Many people don't know the story behind Thieves Oil but it dates back to the 1400's during the infamous Bubonic Plague (aka The Black Death) that devastated a large portion of Europe and Central Asia. Four thieves were immune to the illness due to a blend of oils they concocted, known today as Thieves Oil. You can learn more here.