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In-Flight Essentials

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$ 152.00


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Your 6-piece essentials kit for a calm, effortless, productive, and refreshed travel.  

Meet your ultimate defense against drying, dirty plane air, and red-eye flights with our full-sized hydrating Aura Beauty Mist, Coconut Lip Balm, and Mini Heal All Oil. Then relax and stay calm, balanced, and productive with our Signature Blend Essential Oil perfume, Gold Acupuncture Ring, and Ritual Journal.

The perfect in-flight ritual to land re-energized and glowing.

Set Includes:
1. Aura Beauty Mist (1 fl oz) - Visibly improves texture and hydration levels with red algae arctic peptides and Tremella mushroom. Spritz on the face for an instant refresher + re-energizer.

2. Signature Blend Essential Oil Perfume (5 ml) Clean citrus, floral blend with sensual, earthy top notes. Helps to promote positive energy and feelings of inner beauty, peace, and self-love.

3. Organic Coconut Lip BalmOur lip balm makes your lips kissably soft and plump, minus all the synthetic and toxic chemicals found in most lip balms. 

4. Mini Heal All Oil (1.8g) - It is called "The Holy Grail of All Oils" for a reason. The ultimate problem solver for dry skin + works on blemishes, cuts, scrapes, burns, & more.

5. The Ritual Journal - I think we can all agree traveling provides the perfect time to reflect, get clear on our thoughts, and create our dream future. This journal is just the tool you need to get started,

6. Gold Reflexology Acupuncture Massage RingDid you know that every finger is associated with an organ and emotional state? Applying pressure and massage to these particular areas can help relieve physical and emotional imbalances. Apply the Heal All Oil to your hands, then roll the acupuncture ring up and down each finger for 3-5 minutes. Try to do all your fingers!

This kit comes in our 100% Biodegradable Bag ~ the perfect size to fit all your travel essentials!

In-Flight Essentials

$ 152.00