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Starter Glow Kit



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Want to start a clean, natural skincare regimen but not sure where to start? Inside our Starter Glow Kit, you will find everything you need to begin your new clean skincare ritual and unveil your most healthy, beautiful skin yet.

Why Choose The Golden Secrets Starter Glow Kit?

  • Provides complete skin nourishment.
  • Breaks up melanin deposits (discoloration).
  • Facilities the growth of newer skin.
  • Gently yet effectively restores skin health.

Step 1: The first step to beautiful skin is proper facial cleansing. With our Heal All Oil and Glowing Facial Cloth, you will restore the delicate balance of your skin's acid mantle and microbiome. Apply oil to dry skin and gently massage it into the skin for several seconds. Run the cloth under warm water and gently wipe the oil off your skin. Repeat as needed.

Step 2: Hydrate, plump, and brighten with our peptide Aura Beauty Mist , proven to penetrate and lock in moisture 5x greater than hyaluronic acid. Post-cleanse, mist the face or apply to a cotton pad to tone the skin. Mist freely throughout the day to protect, maintain proper hydration and set & refresh makeup.

Step 3: Our bestselling, organic Youth Beauty Face Oil instantly revitalizes the skin, boosts collagen production, and empowers cell regeneration. This is your new all-in-one moisturizer. Following the Aura Beauty Mist, apply 3-5 drops onto your face, neck, and upper chest.

Step 4: Re-educate and lift the facial muscles naturally with our coveted Sorceress Stone- containing 20 anti-aging trace elements and more to holistically enhance and brighten your skin. The more consistent you are, the better results you will see.

Extras: The multi-tasking Heal All Oil can be used as a cleanser, mask, spot treatment, or all-over glow body oil. For facial steam- get the cloth nice and hot and gently place the towel on your face, and press into the skin for several seconds to deliver natural steam. The cloth effortlessly captures every trace of makeup, trapped dirt, and debris from the skin.

What's included: Heal All Oil, Glowing Facial Cloth (pack of 2), Aura beauty Mist, Youth Beauty Face Oil, Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool, and our Recycled/Oversized Skincare Bag to beautifully carry your new go-to skincare glow ritual. Also comes with a 40+ page ebook (step-by-step guide + tutorial videos included)

*Please see individual product pages for more information. 

Starter Glow Kit