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Agar Agar! The magical seaweed that makes sweet healthy treats.

There are so many healthy ways that I like to get my sweet fix but when I did a Macrobiotic healing diet I was introduced to agar agar.  I was so fascinated, not only by all of it's uses but why I had never heard of it?  It is a stabilizing and thickening agent used in sauces and desserts like jello. Vegetarians love it because you can use it to make jello in a healthy way.  Jello is normally made form gelitan, which contains animal by products. It is so simple and easy that even your kids will love it. Heres how to make kanten. *Start with your favorite juice. I like to use apple juice and dilute it with water. *Add agar agar and bring to a boil. *Add chopped fruit, raisins,or whatever you like.  Get creative or keep it simple and don't add anything. *Simmer for 5 minutes. *Pour into little bowls and let it cool. *Place in the refrigerator until it sets. I like to make enough for a week so that I'm not tempted to eat a bad treat. *When it comes to food always remember that mass popularity equals lowest quality.”  Herman Aihara