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5 Tips on what to do if you or your family starts getting the sniffles.

1. Act fast! At the first sign of the sniffles load up on Vitamin C. My favorite is Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. It's equivalent to Vitamin C on steroids and a good homeopathic remedy that fits your symptoms. Try Cold Calm. 2. Cut out all sugar and processed foods! Go back to the basics. Fresh veggies and fruit . Only put foods into your body that benefit it and strengthen your immune system.Others are garlic, ginger, and lemon. 3. Collodial Silver and/or  Grapefruit seed extract. They both are known to boost your immune system , being called  the natural antibiotics. 4. Cut an onion in half and put it next to your bed while you sleep. It is known to absorb all the illness in the air. 5. Trim your nails and it's a great time to trim the ends of your hair if possible. Old Roman Folklore says its the easiest way to rid yourself of illness.