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Choosing to live in the Rainbow

There can not be a rainbow without the rain. I always tell my husband that he lives in the rainbow and that  everybody else just dreams of it. Sometimes the Universe gives us opportunities to bring more light into our life and sometimes it comes with pain. No pain ,no gain. We each have the opportunity to let these circumstances change us for the better or worse. Our reactions to these painful events shape our future and our perception shapes our character. Recently my husband had a big scare in life, when he had two close encounters with death in one week. Doctors say he has a long road to recovery but remember he lives in the rainbow. His optimism and love of life is healing him and making him stronger one day at a time. He chose to look at his experience as a blessing. He never once complained,why me? He refused to be a victim and instead chose to take this opportunity and make the most of it. Perception is everything! He feels like he has a new lease on life and this experience is motivating him to make positive changes  that might not have been without this accident. Each of us have an opportunity to create more light in our lives every day. Some of us need a reason to make these changes so then the universe creates it for us. Where can you create more light in your life starting right now? What situation can you turn from sour to sweet in your life? Perception is a trained reaction.The more you use it in a positive optimistic way, the stronger it gets. Maybe you can start living in the rainbow instead of just dreaming about it.