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Beautiful Eyes!

eyes Our eyes are the windows to our soul, so it's no wonder we want them to look amazing! Unfortunately they are also one of the first signs to show fatigue and age. Dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles are all of our concerns. Here are some easy home remedies to help keep your eyes clear, beautiful, and young! 1. Cold metal spoon under eyes help relieve swollen, puffy eyes. Put a metal spoon under cold running water for a couple minutes, then gently compress directly under the eyes. 2. Avoid salty foods or foods loaded with sodium. Eat fresh, organic foods as much as possible. 3. Cold, black tea bags. Soak Black tea bags in cold water and place directly on top of the eyes for several minutes. Visualize your dark circles and puffiness vanishing. 4. Sleep elevated. Sleep on an extra pillow to prevent extra fluid from settling around the eyes. 5. Use a slice of raw potato under the eyes to reduce dark circles. The potato pulls out the toxins under the eyes. 6. Focus on the positive! Never under estimate the perfect brow. Bring attention to other areas to create beautiful eyes. 7. Always curl your lashes. Curling your lashes makes you look more awake and youthful. Try heating up lash curler with a blow dryer then curling. 8. Place a little highlighter in the corner of your eyes. It brightens the eyes, creating an illusion of a restful, young look. Try these tricks and let your soul shine through those beautiful eyes of yours!