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Stay trim during the Holidays by following these tips.

  aloyoga_lookbook_slide_09 With the holidays comes parties filled with pastries, alcohol and lots of foods that we aren't usually tempted with day to day. The temptation to eat and drink bad foods can be overwhelming and next thing you know, your New Years resolution is to lose the weight you put on during the holidays. The key here is balance. Don't deprive yourself of your Mother's holiday cookies that you only get once a year. But in between all the holiday parties, make wise food choices and stay especially active. Give yourself the gift of health and feel your best while ringing in the New Year! Follow the 80/20 rule, 80% clean and allow yourself that 20% of whatever you like. Follow these guidelines to help you stay trim and feel your best! 1. Fat doesn't make you fat! Sugar and bad carbs do. Get rid of the fat free junk, it's most likely loaded with hidden sugars to make it taste better. Good fats like nuts, seeds, oils, meat and fish prevent you from over eating. Good fat is the anti-sugar! 2. Eat fresh! Some of the worst processed foods are canned meals, breakfast cereals, frozen meals, packaged cakes, muffins and cookies.  If you eat all this processed food, you will never be satisfied and will continue to crave more food. Your toxic body will feel hungry and the toxins will cling to fat. Eat organic, fresh, (not microwaved) home cooked food, especially during the holidays! 3. Cut out the white sugar!  If you need some sweetness, then add natural fruit juices or try sugar alternatives.  Some of my favorites are raw organic honey, stevia and brown rice syrup. 4. Alcohol is sugar, so when choosing a cocktail, think clean. Gin and tonic with lime or vodka with mineral water and lime.  Another option is choosing a cocktail made with fresh juice or red wine, so at least you will be getting antioxidants. Scratch the shots and beer, which is filled with sugar and yeast. Unless you want a beer belly? 5. Chew your food! Chew your food until liquid or take a bite for every tooth you have!  Your body will love the help and you will find if you slow down and chew, you will feel less bloated and eat less giving you a skinnier waistline. 6. Give yourself one thing that you must eat during the holiday, whether it be your Grandma's coffee cake or your Dad's mac and cheese. Moderation is key! Balance it out with lots of fresh vegetables and water.  7. Start new traditions with your family. Walk together after meals or play active games to get your metabolism going. Incorporate some of these steps into your life and you will have more energy to celebrate the magical holiday season. Share with your family and friends so that you can support each other towards a healthier New Year!