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My 15 Must Haves!!!

[caption id="attachment_1432" align="aligncenter" width="682"]Shot By Deja Jordan. Hair & Make up by Katarina Van Derham Shot By Deja Jordan. Hair & Make up by Katarina Van Derham[/caption] Growing up as a ballerina I learned the awareness and appreciation for my body.  As a model I learned tricks that would help me  look my best.  Living with an auto-immune disease, I learned to treat my body as a temple.  Being a yoga teacher has taught me to forget all the external and work on the internal.  Through all my experiences in my life, thus far, I have harnessed my must haves to feel, look and be my best. Here are my must haves. 1.  Probiotic- Every morning, on an empty stomach I take a probiotic. Sometimes again before dinner. The good bacteria has literally diminished any prior stomach upset or digestive issues that I used to get. Relieves bloating and it is said if you have a healthy gut then you will be healthy. This is where disease starts. 2.  E3 Live- Ten years ago I ran into an old man at a local health food store. I would say he was in his late 70's and he was promoting E3, which is a blue-green algae found in the deepest waters in Oregon. He swore by the stuff and his glimmering eyes and statuesque stance had me sold. I have been taking it ever since and have raised my son on it. It is my favorite super food with benefits ranging from increased mental focus to helping grow healthier skin, hair and nails. 3.  Excercise- Yoga and Pilates are part of my regular regimen. I also take a ballet class on the occasion, but I know for myself a less impact exercise is more beneficial for me. Focusing on smaller muscles and at a slower pace. 4.  Long walks- My yoga teacher always said,  if you have a problem go for a walk and you will return with a solution. I walk almost everyday. I make my calls and errands by foot whenever I can.  Walking has become a moving meditation for me because I become very clear and calm after. 5.  Sun- When I would get sick as a child my Dad would say, go outside and get some sun honey. Growing up in Chicago we were definitely deprived of the sun and more importantly Vitamin D. Ten minutes in the sun makes my body feel amazing and gives me a Golden glow. I feel it is good for my overall well-being. I am a self-proclaimed sand turtle. 6.  Aloe Vera Juice- Everyday before I eat I take 2 ounces of aloe vera juice. It is a natural diuretic so it cleanses my body of unwanted toxins and eases in elimination. It has become a part of my regular routine. 7.  Meditation- Meditation for me is silence and stillness. It is becoming quiet enough to listen to my inner guidance. The place where all the answers are. 8.  Egyptian Magic- My go to for my lips and skin. It is a magnificent concoction that I use daily on my lips and face. It can also be used for anything from burns to diaper rash. 9.  Essential oils- I have been wearing patchouli for 20 years! But I have a cuburd filled with every essential oil there is. Some of my favorites are sandalwood, lavender and neroli. I have an oil for every occasion depending on how I feel and the response I want to get from others. Oil is like music, it has the ability to change a mood and bring back sweet memories. 10. Coco Butter- Lather up! My Mom introduced me to coco butter when I was a teen and I put it on every day. I am a big advocate of moisturizing,especially living in such a dry climate as Los Angeles. Moisturized skin is less likely to get stretch marks and wrinkles. 11. Healthy Diet- Clean eating 90% of the time. Organic, GMO free, local, fresh, gluten-free, wild, antibiotic free, and cage free. 12. Cheat Days!- It took me awhile to find a balance in my life with regards my health. There was a time that my healing diet was so strict that I had no quality of live, which ended up not being good for my health either.  I have realized that you have to allow yourself to live free from rules regularly. I indulge and let myself live frequently. 13. Sage- I burn sage and sandalwood daily to clear my aura of any negativity I might have picked up and I also smudge my house to clean any stagnant energy. 14.  Massage- The healing power of a great massage. Most people look at massage as a luxury but it should really be considered a doctors visit and covered under insurance. Massage creates circulation and relaxes your entire body. I always get this peaceful glow after a great massage. There is nothing else like it. 15.  Sea salt baths- I truly believe that sea salts can cure all. Whether it be the ocean, a bath or a good cry. Taking long salt water baths are a must for my sore joints, relieving stress, and cleaning my slate. * What works for one may not work for the whole. You have to be your own guinea-pig and find out what works for you. - Jesse Golden