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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Remove Blockages In Your Life.

[caption id="attachment_1448" align="aligncenter" width="700"]IMG_4006 Shot by Alexander F Rodriguez[/caption] We all have things that hold us back from our true destiny.  Although I believe the theme for our life is chosen long before we come into a body, we do have a choice to take the hard or the easier route.  The sooner we get what we are supposed to learn in this life the sooner we can start living the life we always dreamed of.  Many of us have blockages that keep us from being able to learn our lessons the first time or second time so we are repeatedly given the same tests.  Here are some  helpful questions to ask yourself to remove the blockages that are keeping you from taking the easier route. 1. Where do your blockages stem from?  Is it child hood stuff that you have yet to deal with or is it past life memories that you carried over? Either way, practice letting go of all negative cell memories through prayer or visualization. 2. What are you scared of? What will happen if you do what you fear most? Practice stepping out of your comfort zone on a daily basis and start conquering your fears step by step. You will grow courage, strength, and confidence and realize that the only thing to fear is not trying at all. 3. Are you holding onto beliefs that no longer serve you? Child hood beliefs that you accepted to be true or parents beliefs that you have taken as your own. Religious practices that used fear to make you a believer. Take what resonates with you NOW and leave the rest behind. Everyday the world turns and we must evolve with it. Be open to new ideas. 4. What steps can you make today to let go and move forward? Accept that only you have the power to change your perception. Life will continue to be chaotic but you have control over your response and therefore happiness. 5. What feelings are you hoping to achieve as an end result? Create a clear idea of what "Happiness" or your "ideal life" looks like and appreciate the moments when you have it. * Once we accept that we have control over our lives and our thoughts or fears create our tomorrows, we can begin to create the life we always dreamed.- Jesse Golden