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Q & A With Inspiring People.

natahlie-uhling-bio1 I was lucky enough to meet Natalie Uhling while doing a photo shoot together for Under Armour.  We instantly connected about our love of health, fitness and our families.  It is not often that you meet a beautiful, talented, smart, inspiring and most of all kind woman in this business but Natalie is just that.  I was instantly drawn in by her amazing energy and enthusiasm for life.  She is a leading fitness instructor  in New York City and is famous for her contagious energy and ability to get you amped on working out!  Her fitness philosophy resides in the core – a strong core makes you lethal!  In all of her fitness disciplines, she is committed to function, compound movements and a relentless focus on form and control. Walk into one of Natalie's classes and you are instantly immersed in an environment that inspires you to push beyond what you thought possible and ultimately attain your goals. Natalie grew up in the Northwest where her love for an active lifestyle began with her family.  Holidays and vacations often involved trips to the mountains for snow skiing, wake boarding, and hiking.  Throughout her adolescence, Natalie spent her free time at the local YMCA attending swim team and group fitness classes.  It was there that she met a kick boxing instructor who took her on as a protégé at 13—Natalie never looked back.  Her innate love for music, dance, choreography and kickboxing combined with her natural ability to lead allowed her to take on her first instructor position at 16 years old! Now Natalie has expanding her influence beyond the classroom through her partnership with Under Armour, the originator of performance apparel.  Natalie serves as the face of Under Armour Women, participating in promotional events and campaigns, as well as consulting on product development to produce the best fitness gear and consumer experience for women around the world.200530_424396957617864_1970783373_n I asked Natalie 8 questions to get some insight on how she does it.
1. What is your work out regimen? Every day is a little different but for the most part it consists of kickboxing, pilates, yoga, dance cardio, and a lot of body weight training exercises.  I don't do all these on the same day but I rotate my classes throughout the week.  I want to keep shocking my body with different movements, that's how I get the best results! 997ec6d6303611e287f422000a1f9afa_6   2.Tell us what you eat on a regular day? I am a very CLEAN "real food" eater … I always have been. Eating healthy was number one in our household growing up since both my sister and I were athletes.  I always start my day off with my green smoothie which contains kale, celery, chard, spinach, lemon, 1/2 banana, and chia seeds. I feel alive after I drink it and since most days I teach early in the morning I need clean fuel to keep me going.  For lunch I tend to have a vegetarian wrap or a large leafy green salad with a ton of vegetables and avocado.  I love avocado!! Dinner is typically my veggie soup or I will have a piece of fish with brown rice and a salad.  I train very hard so nutrition is key for me … it's pretty simple if you eat like crap you will perform like crap.   3. What inspires you to stay healthy and fit?  It's my PASSION!  I was born to do what I am doing.  It might seem weird but I wanted to be a fitness professional since I was a little girl.  But, also my amazing mother suffers from autoimmune disorders which has been held under control by her dedication to fitness and health.  I have seen first hand how being fit and healthy is really the key to life and longevity. My mother is my hero.  Natalie Uhling 3 4. What do you think the biggest mistake people make in trying to get into shape?  They think by just going to the gym and not cleaning up their diet they will lose weight.  The fact is that it all starts in the kitchen.  You have to be willing to change a few of those bad habits.    5. If you had to choose one thing that you believe keeps you in best shape what would it be?  Food! Working out hard requires a lot of energy so if you are filled with junk your energy will be low.  6. What is your guilty pleasure?  M&M's … I mean how can you say no?!? RESIZED 11 7.What is something that you want to try but haven't yet?  Paragliding! Every time I go home to Sun Valley, Idaho I see the paragliders going off Baldy Mountain and it's looks like an insane adrenaline rush!  natalie-1 8. What is the best advice you ever got ?  BE AUTHENTIC! Click here for Natalie's website so you can follow her journey!