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What is your Legacy?

  [caption id="attachment_797" align="aligncenter" width="700"]IMG_6349 One of the last precious moments I had with my dear Grandmother.[/caption] Recently I have had several conversations where the topic of "legacy" came up.  I just finished my will and had a lot of unexpected emotions arise.  Not the sadness of death itself but what I would leave behind... My legacy.  Of course there are the important details of where your money will go so that your family can not only survive but flourish without you there but there is the emotional aspect.  Before I was a Mother these things never occurred to me.  Nothing makes you more vulnerable than knowing people rely on you and need you.  Thinking about your legacy really makes you conscious to what is really important in life.  Superficial things deteriorate with time but emotions, love, experiences, wisdom can last forever.  Will your experiences in this life be strong enough to leave a lasting legacy?  Ask yourself these two questions. 1. What would you leave behind if today was your last? 2. What can you give of yourself that could live on long after your physical body does? * This land, this water, this air, this planet- this is our legacy to our young.- Paul Tsongas