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Acne - Properly Treating Your Skin From The Inside Out & The Outside In

The face represents what is going on inside the body. In short, acne is a sign that there's an imbalance in the body. There are hundreds of causes of acne, the most common being: food intolerances, the chemicals you use on your skin, and a sluggish detox system.

I want to preface that even though I own a skincare line, I strongly believe that acne starts within, particularly inside the gut. As a Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of The Golden Secrets, I have always recommended my clients address gut and hormone imbalances through diet, supplementation and spiritual work alongside topical treatment. Thankfully, all my tips are in my book The Golden Secrets To Optimal Health. That said, skincare is a huge part of the equation to clear skin and traditionally much of what we are told about acne either temporarily covers up the symptoms or makes the problem worse. it is crucial that you are treating your skin topically with nourishing, hydrating, quality ingredients that support and accelerate your own bodies healing.

If you have been living with acne for awhile now, you might be tempted to buy the quick-fixes offered at the dermatologists office or certain skincare companies, but do so with caution because these high-strength products will dry out your skin and cause more issues, beyond your skin, down the line.

First, It’s important to understand that your skin has its own microbiome, which is an ecosystem of microscopic organisms living on its surface. And our skin produces its own oil which helps support beneficial microorganisms that keep your skin clear, calm, and happy. When your skin is not adequately hydrated, the sebum can overcompensate by releasing extra oil causing an imbalance in the skin and therefore, breakouts.

Second, when your skin oils are in balance, your skin’s oil production is a supply and demand system. For example, if your skin is dry you will make more oil, and when your skin is oily, you will make less oil. A lot of people intentionally dry out their skin with these harsh chemicals thinking that removing oil will lessen their acne, but your skin will actually respond by ramping up oil production - causing more acne flare ups. All in all, when you disrupt your skin's lipid barrier by using harsh chemicals, exfoliating too frequently, using toxic products, and washing your face too many times, you will likely see breakouts appear. That’s your complexion trying to restore its natural balance.

If you’re still thinking: “I have acne and sensitive skin. Isn’t oil going to make it worse?” The short answer is no. The Golden Secrets face oils are formulated with plant botanicals to specifically combat acne and boost overall skin health. Heal All Oil is a dry oil and renowned for preventing and healing current and future breakouts. It can also be used as a spot treatment in combination with our Youth Beauty Face Oil. People with acne tend to have a deficiency of the fatty acid, linoleic acid in their skin so many people notice more clear skin in the first week.

We recommend using our products exclusively for a few weeks because if you are new to our organic oils there can be a transition phase as the integrity of your skin's barrier heals and pH levels balance out prior to unveiling your new radiant skin. 

Lastly, acne often signifies someone or something being under your skin. Who is irritating you? Or maybe it is a situation that has gotten under your skin?

When you notice yourself having these types of thoughts, reframe it towards a more positive outcome and when you apply your new golden secrets products, recite affirmations that support your desired results.

Here are some to add to your every day: 

I am blessed with clear and radiant skin.

My skin is flawless in every way.

I am proud of my appearance.

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