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JESSE Q+A - July Edition

This post contains affiliate links. Please read our affiliate disclosure policy.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions on Instagram — I love hearing from all of you and I wish I could answer every question. Answering five of the most asked below :)

FYI I will be doing this at the end of every month so make sure you’re following my personal account on Instagram @jessegolden and subscribe to my email list HERE so you don't miss your question potentially being answered!


Q1: What exercises should I do daily?

A1: This depends on your state of health, moon cycle, phase of life, quality of the day, and everything else that may fluctuate. I am a huge advocate of moving your body every single day, but I am also an advocate of listening to your body and what it needs. Some days you will feel like doing a powerhouse workout and other days a simple walk and stretch is what your body may need. Tune in, check in, and listen to your body.

Move every day and determine the level of physical activity that will be most beneficial to you each day. Ritual not routine. Here are some free resources and ideas for you:

  1. 5 Tibetan Rites
  2. Yoga
  3. Rebounding
  4. Ballet
  5. Sun Salutations
  6. Circuits

Q2: Best makeup tricks to look youthful?

A2: Less is more, especially as you age. As your face changes, your makeup routine needs to as well. By using less makeup in the right areas you can achieve a no makeup, youthful look. Try these steps:

  1. Apply the Youth Beauty Face Oil prior to makeup application. This will give you an instant golden glow and create a protective barrier to lock in aging and defend against bacteria and aging. Mix with foundation optional but not necessary.
  2. Only conceal areas that truly need it. Shadows or discolored areas that we want to hide. Try these areas: around the nose, corners of the eyes, and slightly down on inner corners, chin, laugh lines, and any blemishes.
  3. Powder only in those areas. We want to keep the skin dewy, young, and vibrant. Not cakey, which can create creases and age you.
  4. Bronze with Aphrodisiac Glow Oil where the sun would give you a sun-kissed glow. Above your cheekbones, the rim of either side of the nose bridge, the tip of the nose, temples, hairline, jawline but avoid just below, where the corners of your mouth end.
  5. Use a brown liner to line your upper lid. Start from the midline and draw a thin line that goes up towards the end of your eyebrow to create a natural cat-eye. Keyword, up! Tip- follow the line that your lashes naturally create. We want everything to give the illusion of up! No eyeliner on the bottom as this brings the face down. Curl the lashes and apply mascara, focusing on outer lashes.
  6. Fake a brow lift. With a brow pencil find your highest arch point then draw a line straight out. This will be above your natural brow line. Don't shade in much or at all on the bottom then conceal and powder the real end of your brow so that the endpoint is up and not turned down like your natural brow shape. Instant lift!
  7. Plump lips instantly. Apply TGS Coconut Lip Balm then use a pencil one shade darker than your natural color. Begin to create a shadow by lining your lips on the outside. Focus more on the bottom lip where you have a natural shadow but it can be done on top too. 
  8. Blush. Find a color that is most like the natural color you turn when you are smitten. Then place it high on the apple cheeks, directly under the eyes and apples of the cheeks. Again, we are creating the illusion by lifting everything up.
  9. Add a little highlighter to the tip or bridge of your nose, cupid's bow, inner corner of the eyes, and top of cheekbones.
  10. Lastly, mist your face with the Aura Clearing Mist to set and give you a youthful, fresh look.

Q3: What have you found to be the most effective skincare product under $50, and what's your biggest splurge?

A3: The Golden Secrets Aura Clearing Mist, which helps the skin maintain proper pH balance, protects it from environmental factors, and is highly beneficial for maturing skin as it helps to maintain sufficient moisture, keeping the collagen and elastin matrix toned and supple.

My biggest splurge and number one go-to is The Golden Secrets Youth Beauty Face Oil, a powerful, nutrient-dense, multi-purpose, organic face oil that instantly revitalizes the skin, unveiling a youthful golden glow. Made with ten high-performance, organic, plant botanicals that rapidly adapt to your own skin’s needs. It restores the delicate balance of the skin’s natural protective barrier, stimulates cell regeneration, fades hyper-pigmentation, minimizes scars, promotes collagen, deeply hydrates, and visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles within days of first use. Infusing youth and graceful aging with each application.

Q4: What is the most practical, relatable advice you've received for preventative skincare?

A4: I feel that many of us overthink skincare in general and sometimes just being consistent with the basics is not only enough but ideal. Some of my favorite basics for preventative skincare are the following: 

  1. Always remove your makeup before bed. I use The Golden Secrets Glowing Facial Cloth It turns cleansing into a luxury.
  2. Find what works best for your skin type during each particular phase of your life. This evolves and shifts as you age and depending on your state of health, needs, and goals.
  3. Less is more. Women especially have been told by the skincare industry for years that we need multiple products to achieve beautiful skin. Meanwhile, men who have been given soap and a basic moisturizer, not only often have better skin but seem to age more gracefully. Too many different products can counteract each other and actually do more harm than good. Drying out your skin, making it more sensitive to light and heat making it more prone to hyperpigmentation, and cause unwanted irritation, redness, and breakouts. Keep it simple and if you find something that you like, give your skin time to fully benefit and transition into its new radiant state. Our skin cells turnover on average every 28 days. As we age this rate decreases but it’s never too late to start a new, simple skincare routine.

Q5: How does your nutrition and wellness plan affect your skin?

A5: Nutrition and wellness have everything to do with your skin health. No matter how great of a product we put on our skin topically, if we are not also taking care of our nutrition and overall wellness then we are only resolving half of the equation. Our skin is a reflection of what’s going on with our health beneath the skin.

One example is how nutrition affects your skin via the gut. Gut health is one of the primary issues those dealing with cystic acne, acne, or any kind of health issue lack. Known as the gut/brain connection and in this case the gut/skin connection, and the realization that good health starts in the gut. So saying that, if the gut is not healthy then it will often show flare up on the face first. Once you get your gut microbial ecosystem healthy, your skin and health will flourish. Some simple ways to repopulate healthy gut flora are through probiotics, both supplements, and fermented foods, and kombucha. Prebiotics (minerals) and eating a healthy, non-inflammatory diet. I like P3-OM by Biotimizers. Use code: BEGOLDEN to save. I have another brand that I really love as a total reset but cannot share publicly. Message me on IG if you are interested. I also take the mineral supplement ION*Biome 3x per day for gut strengthening and more.

The face is a map of what is going on internally in the body. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has mastered this through face mapping, depicting exactly which organ is affected on which area of the face. Also predicting trauma and certain life events via the state of health visually seen on the face. Look for these first signs that our bodies give us that something is imbalanced and needs attention.

When I think of wellness and skin health, I think of two things; exercise, which allows your body to perspire and detox, giving your skin that immediate glow but also boosting a sluggish metabolism which can back up and cause a whole slew of digestive issues that show up on your face. And I also think of mental wellness, meaning the overall quality of your life and your aura. Having tools like meditation, friends to talk to, a positive work environment, getting into nature, and whatever else you do to keep your vibrations high and your aura beaming. You can spot these people a mile away, they always look like they are glowing.

xo jesse 

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