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Feng Shui for the Bedroom

Feng Shui can help you turn your bedroom into a loving sanctuary. Your bedroom should be inviting and calming. Giving you and your partner or soon-to-be partner a passionate place to love each other.

Here are 13 easy ways to help create perfect "Chi" for your bedroom.

1.  No mirrors in the bedroom. I know there was a time when mirrors where "the thing" in bedrooms but it was also a time that had the biggest divorce rates.

2.  No television in the bedroom. A television, computer, even an iPad signifies a third energy in the room. Unless you want your significant other wandering off, leave the electronics in the living room or office.

3.  No clutter under the bed. Clutter in general is a no-no in feng shui but under the bed it signifies problems.

4.  Keep it neutral. Keep colors in the bedroom neutral. Close to skin colors. You don't want anything to energizing.

5.  Strong frame. Nothing is worse than a broken bed. Your bed frame has to be strong and sturdy, as it resembles your relationship.

6.  Never close off two sides of the bed. Both sides of the bed should be approachable. Especially if you are single and looking for love. Your dream mate can't physically get into your bed. You have to make room for someone to come in.

7.  No plants or flowers in bedroom. I know people love to put their flowers on their night stand but it is a living thing and it too signifies another being in the room and it's energy can keep you up at night.

8.  Never sleep with your back to the door. You should always be able to see your bedroom door from where you are.

9.  Clean fresh air. Open a window and let fresh air flow through. Stagnant air turns into a stagnant relationship. Keep it fresh and clean with The Aura clearing Mist.

10.  Be mindful of the pictures in your bedroom. Unless you want to be alone and sad don't pick solo depressing pictures. Choose pictures that resemble the relationship you want.

11.  Never sleep with your head under a window because it can make you weak and uncertain. You need a good solid head-board to protect you.

12.  Avoid sleeping under beams, fans, or chandeliers. The only thing you may want over your head while you sleep is a light canopy. Heavy objects over your head can create heavy energy in all aspects of your life and even give you migraines. The solution is to either move the bed  to a different position so nothing is directly over it or get rid of the ceiling fan or chandelier. If beams are an issue you can paint them a lighter color so that they appear softer. You can always put a light canopy over your bed to protect you if none of these are an option.

13.  Sleep with your head facing in your best direction. You can find your best and worst directions by finding out your Kua number. Find out your Kua number here.



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