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The Shiny-Hair Miracle

Secrets of the Polynesian Princesses Long, strong, lustrous, shiny hair comes from using the natural plant resources native to the islands. Coconut oil, Bananas, and the rarely talked about, Tamanu Nut Oil, which we call the "Holy grail of all oils" The Heal All Oil.

There are so many uses for this healing nut oil and one of the secrets is its ability to take fine, stringy, dull, broken hair and replenish it after a few uses.

Our Heal All Oil encourages stronger, longer, and healthier hair growth, addresses hair loss, hydrates the strands, brings out hair’s natural sheen, and helps with easier manageability. 

You can add a little bit to the ends of your hair any time or day to protect it from breaking, splitting and environmental damage. For a deep replenishing treatment and to really harness the benefits, an overnight mask at least 2-3x per. month is recommended.

Overnight Mask- Simply put the oil into your hands and rub it all over your hair from your scalp to the very ends. Give yourself some extra love here and really massage it into your scalp to increase circulation. Then tie the hair up in a top not and put a head wrap or shower cap on while you sleep to keep everything in place and protect your pillow. In the am simply rinse and wash as usual.

Quick Leave in Mask- Follow the same steps and just leave on for as long as you can. This is great to do before an event, when you know you want to look your best. Just put the oil on your hair at least 15- 30 minutes prior to your shower, so that it has time to fully absorb the nutrients.

Other beautiful hair tips:

Let your hair air dry when you can.

Refrain from toxic hair products.

Let the sun kiss it for that natural shine and golden color.

Wash your hair upside down to encourage growth and discourage frontal hair loss.


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  • Ulrich de Jesus on February 25, 2018

    Cool! Sounds like it could work for my beard. Can’t wait to try it

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