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Gua Sha- An Ancient Beauty Ritual That Can Take Years Off Your Skin

Gua Sha is an ancient, effective, beauty ritual that can take years of your skin and body!

Let's break it down.

The Problem:

Blocked blood flow throughout the body can have grand effects on how we start showing signs of aging and our overall health. If blood flow is blocked then skin loses its firmness and radiance, the body stops eliminating properly, muscle tension and sore joints occur and our body begins to age prematurely. Our face reflects not only what's happening in your face but what is happening in your body. The state of our face is a direct reflection of how well our circulating energy life force “qi” or blood flow is. No matter what you do, if you do not take care of the blood flow system, you cannot make permanent changes to your face and overall state of health.

What ends up happening when we don’t take care of the body + face and neglect self-care: Fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, acne, dull/dry skin, joint pain, water retention, blocked energy, stored fat, poor sleep, poor elimination and immunity.

The key to a long, healthy, vital life is one where your energy flows freely through your body.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

The Solution: 

FOR FACE: Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool

Smooth, correct, brighten, tighten, lift, firm, and detoxify all at once. This is what your skin has been waiting for.

Facial gua sha gives us access to improve these common skin issues and first signs of aging by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen via the action of friction with the stone over the connective tissue under your skin - thus blood flow brings with it better nutrition and more flexibility of the underlying tissue and muscles. Awakening your natural beauty.

What Makes Our Stone So Special?

Healing Power of the Bian Stone: Bian stone is a sacred stone that contains over 40 trace elements, (over 20 of these have anti-aging effects) creates therapeutic Far infra-Red (FIR) waves and therapeutic ultrasound, negative ions best known to help with anti-oxidation (anti-aging) in human cells and DNA and beneficial minerals unrivaled by no other popular stones on the market. The word, Bian, literally means sharp, narrow device used for healing. Healing ultrasonic waves from the stone has the ability to deeply penetrate the skin, accelerating healing, activating cells and resulting in complete rejuvenation of the skin. The friction between the stone and the skin produces these healing ultrasonic pulses, improving microcirculation as well as overall metabolism. The healing Bian stone has around 3,700 in generated ultrasonic pulses compared to other popular stones such as Jade stone at around 1843.

A Few Of The Many Benefits:

  • Smooths out facial expressions and re-educates facial muscles to lift (firm) and tone the muscles and increase skin elasticity (opposite of botox and fillers)
  • Reduces dark circles and de-puffs the under eye for bright eyes
  • Awakens cells and accelerates healing, clearing up acne, rosacea, eczema, and blemishes
  • Reduces all over puffiness, water retention and jowls. Visibly contours the face to create a more slimmer,  sculpted v-shaped look
  • Reduces tension, relieves stress, alleviates headaches, jaw, neck and shoulder pain

3-Step Facial Gua Sha Ritual

Hydrate. Nourish. Sculpt

  1. HYDRATE - Mist your face with the Aura Clearing Mist. This will reset the pH of your skin, prepare you to better receive the nourishing face oils and assist in purifying your lymphatic flow.
  2. NOURISH - Nourish your skin by applying your favorite golden secrets oil- the Youth Beauty Face Oil or the Heal All Oil. Our nutrient dense oils instantly restore the delicate balance of the skin’s natural protective barrier. Accelerating both the oil and the Sorceress stones benefits.
  3. SCULPT - Activate and tone the face by performing the Sorceress stone Gua Sha Ritual. As with any ritual or workout, consistency is key. Results are both immediate and cumulative.

FOR BODY: Sculpting Stone Gua Sha Body Tool

Smooth, correct, stimulate, tone, ease aches and pains and detoxify all at once. This is what your body has been waiting for.

Body scraping is an ancient Chinese self-healing treatment, an extension of gua sha that works a bit more deeply, providing a more intensive massage into the meridians. The 12 meridians are an intricate network that goes throughout your entire body. Each meridian has a pressure point that if manipulated appropriately can cause a physiological reaction and increase circulation along the entire channel and positively affect the muscles, organs and skin connected to it, including your face!

A Few Of The Many Benefits:

  • Unblocks energy channels that release stagnation, leaving the body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • Helps with digestion, elimination and flushing out toxins
  • Detoxifies and shifts trapped lymph that causes water retention, which helps to expel waste products (unwanted fat)
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
  • Reinforces the skin's texture and elasticity for firm, toned muscles and glowing skin.

3-Step Body Gua Sha Ritual

Stimulate. Detoxify. Tone.

  1. STIMULATE - Apply TGS Goddess Shaping Body Oil or Heal All Oil to create a smooth canvas and increase circulation, ease inflammation and purify the skin for optimal delivery.
  2. DETOXIFY - Massage and unblock energy channels, increase lymphatic flow, and expel waste products to improve qi (life force), symmetry, skin texture and overall immune health.
  3. TONE - Reinforce the skin's texture and elasticity and retrain the way your body functions to unveil firm, toned muscles and glowing skin.

*With either purchase, you will receive a 40+ page gua sha e-book (for face or body depending which one you buy) explaining Jesse's personal experience with gua sha, the history, use, benefits, a how-to guide, tutorials + so much more! Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

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