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The Correct Way To Use Facial Oil

How To Use Facial Oil The Correct Way

When it comes to skincare products (especially face and body oils) there is a lot of noise out there about what works and what doesn’t - and to be quite honest with you, most of it is simply not true! As the owner of The Golden Secrets, I have tried every tip, trick, and technique out there to see what works because I wanted to come out with products that deliver on their promise for the long-term.

I often hear things like “doesn’t facial oil give you acne?” or “aren’t oils just meant for the body?” and so on… these are myths and I want to educate you on why  these things are simply not true and why you should be using oils on your skin (including your face!) I will also get into the correct way to use your facial oil + some tips that really help give you that long-lasting dewy clear skin. 

First things first, simple chemistry teaches us that Like Dissolves Like. Meaning if you think you are too oily for face oil, you are wrong. Oily skin is often caused from our skin having to defend itself from abrasive and harsh ingredients. The sebaceous glands are forced to work extra hard to defend our skin and they do that by producing more oil. It can end up being a never ending cycle when you think you need to wash it more and use even harsher products to dry it out. 

My tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your facial oil

1. Hydrosol can help your facial oil absorb better

You never want to put facial oil onto dry skin. It is much more beneficial to apply facial oil with a hydrosol like our Aura Clearing Mist  and while your face is still damp, apply your favorite facial oil (Heal All Oil or Youth Beauty Face Oil) This helps the facial oil better absorb into your skin. If you haven’t had the best experience with facial oils (breakouts, dryness, greasiness, etc.) don’t give up on them just yet - try this approach to get so much more out of it!

2. Make sure your facial oil is organic + free of toxins and preservatives 

The Golden Secrets products are produced from only the finest cold-pressed, unrefined oils and the highest quality essential oils that are a product of steam distillation or CO2 extraction. 100% natural, non-toxic, non-GMO, organic, wildcrafted, plant-derived, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, phthalates & all synthetics.

Why your face NEEDS facial oils!

First, let’s discuss how facial oils help skin. As we know, our skin produces its own natural oils that help keep our skin looking youthful, supple, and healthy. As we get older, collagen production decreases → oil production also tends to decrease  leaving us susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles, and dull/rough skin texture. In order to protect your skin’s lipid barrier (in charge of minimizing water loss and is essential for strong, healthy, hydrated skin,) it’s important to supplement skin with oil-based products that mimic our skin's natural sebum. Facial oils go where moisturizers can't, deep into the surface layers of the skin where it matters most.

Youth Beauty Face Oil: Contains ten high performance plant botanicals that rapidly adapt to your own skin’s needs, restoring the delicate balance of the skin’s natural protective barrier, stimulating cell regeneration, helping to fade hyper-pigmentation, minimize scars, promote collagen production, deeply hydrate, and visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles within days of first use. 

Especially Great For: Anti-Aging | Clear + Soft Skin | Fading Scars + Hyperpigmentation | Achieving That “No-Makeup Glow” Look

Heal All Oil: Investigated to show cell proliferation, wound healing and an increase of collagen production by 10-40%. Regenerates and repairs skin, nails, hair, lips, cuts, scrapes, burns, stings, acne, scars, stretch marks, dry or scaly skin, blisters, diaper rash, eczema, sore joints, neuralgia, sciatica and rheumatism. 

Especially Great For: Clearing Up Acne (Great Spot Treatment) | Unclogging Pores | Before + After Sun Exposure | Sore Joints | Hair Growth

How to Correctly Apply Facial Oil

1. Support the microbiome of your skin and oil cleanse with our Heal All Oil. This removes makeup and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

2. Next, apply the Aura Clearing Mist to a cotton swab and apply to skin using a gentle sweeping motion or spray directly onto the face. Our Aura Clearing Mist adds vitamin packed hydration to the skin and soothes and nourishes your skin with pH balancing hydrosol and white sage. This toner is one of the best and cleanest on the market.

3. While the skin is still damp, gently massage the Youth Beauty Face Oil or Heal All Oil onto the face. Don’t forget your neck; it may be called a facial oil, but the sensitive skin on our neck is especially prone to signs of aging or dryness.

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