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Maskne - How To Prevent & Treat Mask Acne (Before + Afters Included)

Breakouts have become so common that mask acne has been dubbed “maskne” by the general public. While we probably won't be able to get rid of the mask any time soon, there are steps you can take to prevent and treat mask-related acne to accomplish glowing, healthy skin.

First of all, what causes mask acne? 

Acne can develop for a variety of reasons, but when referring to mask acne in particular, commonly these types of breakouts occur when pores get clogged up by oil, dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, or other forms of bacteria. This then leads to blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples.

First, adopting a skincare routine is very important (especially when we are wearing masks.) I also recommend that like our skincare products, you choose organic and toxic free options. To cleanse, I use The Heal All Oil and put a little on my Exfoliating Towel to gently remove all the dirt and debris from the day without stripping away the much needed natural oils that help protect the skin. I know what you are want me to use oil to wash my face, yes! Simple chemistry teaches us that like dissolves like. This is the most crucial step in your skincare routine and will make the biggest difference. Our Heal All Oil is rich in Omega-6, which helps in wound healing, soothing acne and reduces the chances of future breakouts. Next I spray the Aura Clearing Mist on a cotton pad and dab it all over my face as a toner and preparation for oil application. While the skin is still damp, I finish by dabbing the Youth Beauty Face Oil all over my face and neck. If you have active acne flare-ups, I recommend you layer up and spot treat them with the Heal All Oil to finish. Then be mindful to not touch your face once you have completed your skincare routine.

If you find your skin suffering from having to wear a mask then you really need to go the extra-mile with your skincare routine because it provides a very humid environment for bacteria to grow, which can lead to many more breakouts (even if your skincare routine is great and you aren’t prone to usual breakouts.)

My Tips to Treat Mask Acne + Avoid Breakouts:
  1. Choose a mask that allows your skin to breathe, while still covering your mouth and nose. I recommend soft fabrics - cotton tends to be more gentle and breathable on the skin, versus synthetic materials that tend to be harsher on the skin.

  2. Avoid wearing a lot of makeup under your mask as this is a recipe for clogged pores and irritated skin. 

  3. Wash your mask after every use. 

  4. Use our Aura Clearing Mist in between mask use. The sage hydrosol helps to keep your face clean and protects you from pollutants + bacteria in the air.

  5. Keep your skincare routine very simple. Do not use any harsh treatments like chemical peels - it will make your skin more irritated and sensitive. 

  6. After a long day of wearing your mask, oil cleanse with the Heal All Oil to remove all the accumulated debris and and finish with the Youth Beauty face Oil. 

  7. If you do get a pimple, use the Heal All Oil as a spot treatment.

  8. Treat your skin with the Instant Glow Facial Mask 2-3x per week to activate, clarify and renew your skin in between having to wear your "other mask."

Beauty, Kelly Young says, "People never believe me when I try to explain what my face used to look like before starting The Golden Secrets products. I always have to show them these photos!"

How to properly wash your mask:

  1. I recommend washing your reusable masks after each use. To do so, use warm water and a gentle, natural soap or detergent that does not irritate the skin.
  2. Look for detergents that are free of added colors and fragrances, which are common skin irritants.

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