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Morning Skincare Routine:

  1. In the morning, I don't cleanse my skin. I just use the Glowing Facial Cloths to remove any sleep from my eyes, ensuring that I do not strip my lashes.
  2. Following that, I give my face a refreshing mist of Aura Beauty Mist.
  3. While my skin is still dewy from the mist, I generously apply Heal All Oil for an ultimate dose of antioxidants.
  4. If I'm feeling a bit puffy, I take a few minutes to use my Gold Pulse Firming Face Wand for a revitalizing massage.
  5. Next, I treat my lashes with Lash Serum and hydrate my lips with Lip Balm. If makeup isn't on the agenda for the day, my morning routine ends here.
  6. However, if I'm heading out, I always layer on Youth Beauty as a protective primer before makeup, offering both protection and a natural glow.

Bodycare Routine:

  1. If I'm starting my day with a shower, I begin with a lymphatic ritual using my Goddess Shaping Body Oil and Dry Brush for a revitalizing, energizing boost and glowy skin.
  2. After showering, I apply Womb Wisdom Skin-Toning Oil all over my body, ensuring thorough moisture and regeneration.
  3. Once that's absorbed, I enhance my glow by layering on Aphrodisiac, focusing on areas I want to highlight, like my shoulders, legs, cheekbones, and cupid's bow.
  4. To ground myself and set intentions for the day, I always apply my Signature Blend and take a moment to pick a card to ensure a positive start to my day.

    516 kr

    Glowing Facial Cloths

    1 052 kr

    Hydrate & Heal Duo

    1 192 kr

    Youth Beauty Face Oil

    516 kr

    Gold Pulse Firming Face Wand

    956 kr

    Long Lash Growth Serum

    108 kr

    Organic Coconut Lip Balm

    1 353 kr

    Goddess Ritual

    956 kr

    Womb Wisdom Skin-Toning Oil

    623 kr

    Aphrodisiac Glow Oil

    451 kr

    Signature Blend Essential Oil Perfume

    945 kr

    The Golden Secrets Guidance Cards