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Ritual Tools Kit

3 574 kr


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Your skincare sidekicks! Our ritual tools elevate your routine to a whole other level by taking the benefits of our oils one step further.

"All of our holistic tools increase the magical benefits of our skin and body care while encouraging self-love, ease, and vital life for energy. " - CEO and founder, Jesse Golden

Kit Includes:

Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool ~ an ancient, holistic facial massage tool that enhances your skincare routine by increasing blood flow, circulation, and nutrients to brighten the complexion and tone & lift the facial muscles naturally.

Sculpting Stone Gua Sha Body Tool ~ releases trapped lymph that causes water retention and stagnant energy in the body- helping to expel waste products, including unwanted fat, cellulite, & stretch marks.

Gold Pulse Firming Face Wand ~ this golden beauty wand helps enrich your skin with sonic vibrations (6000 vibrations per minute) that contour, lift, and firm the face to give it a more radiant and youthful appearance. This tool does the work for you.

Ionic Copper Dry Brush ~ take your dry brushing ritual to the next level with our ion-charged copper bristles. Unlike regular dry brushing, the friction that is created between the copper bristles and your skin creates negative ions that protect the body from free radical damage and environmental stressors and counteracts digital technology. 

Glowing Facial Cloths ~ nurtures and supports even the most sensitive complexions by gently sweeping away makeup, masks, dirt, and environmental debris with ease and without stripping the skin or eyelashes.

Gold Reflexology Acupuncture Massage Ring ~ every finger is associated with an organ and emotional state. Applying pressure and massage to these particular areas can help relieve physical and emotional imbalances in just 3-5 minutes a day.

The entire kit comes in our Oversized, Recycled & Waterproof Skincare Bag with affirmations to recite pertaining to each product to further enhance the benefits and create healthy, daily rituals of self-love.

*Please see individual product pages for more detailed information about each product and how to best incorporate them into your ritual

Ritual Tools Kit

3 574 kr