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6 Steps to Blemish free skin

Prevention is your best defense against break outs. We all know the basics like washing your face and cutting out sugar, but here are some other tips that you may never have thought of.

1. Keep it clean! Wash your hands then your face and make sure the towel you are drying it off with is clean.

2. No double dipping into your creams. Wash your hands then apply or avoid this step entirely and get a lotion or oil that has a dispenser.

3. Change your pillow case every other day. Yep! Sleep on one side, flip it over and put a new one on.

4. This one is especially for the men. Men tend to sweat more when they sleep and they also tend to clean their sheets less, so at the very least put on a clean t-shirt every night to prevent back acne.

5. Avoid letting your cellphone touch your chin. It is filled with bacteria and can cause major break outs. Try a good head set to avoid harmful cellphone radiation as well.

6. Most importably, don't touch your face!  Throughout the day we come in contact with tons of germs and bacteria that can cause break outs.  Not touching your face can also keep you healthier, because illnesses are transferred through your mouth, eyes, and nose.

Make the commitment and practice these steps to clearer, healthier, more beautiful looking skin.

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