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10 Fun Magickal Charms

1. Apply THE SIGNATURE BLEND to all your pulse points and your heart to attract your true love.

2. Carry a pinch of THE TANTRA BODY POWDER in your pocket to increase your psychic powers.

3. Apply THE YOUTH BEAUTY FACE OIL SERUM day and night while reciting your affirmations for a youthful, spellbinding glow.

4. Place KALEO-THE MASCULINE BLEND on your temples for deep wisdom and clarity.

5. Apply THE HEAL ALL OIL at bedtime to heal achy and sore joints.

6. Apply THE APHRODISIAC GLOW BODY OIL to walk in confidence and entice romance.

7. Spray THE AURA CLEARING MIST to dispel negative energy from your home, car, and office.

8. Take a 1/2 teaspoon of THE SACRED GOLDEN LOTUS POLLEN  to assist in making a tough decision.

9. Place THE SIGNATURE BLEND BODY OIL under your feet to cure nightmares.

10. Put THE GODDESS SHAPING BODY OIL onto your hair scalp to ensure long locks.

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