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The Ultimate Top 5 Festival Essentials

Festival Survival Guide!


Not only will you want to spritz yourself throughout the day to keep yourself cool but it will also keep you looking fresh by brightening and tightening your skin. The other thing most people don’t know about organic sage hydrosol is it’s a natural bug repellent, negative energy blaster and hand sanitizer. We all know what those bathrooms look like at festivals, you will definitely be wanting to naturally sanitize your hands after a bathroom run! 
Based on ancient folklore to entice love and romance, this natural perfume oil works with your own body chemistry to create your own sent as unique as you. Easily fits in your pocket or your bag so that you can reapply throughout the day to keep you smelling fresh and entice and allure the ones you fancy.
Hydrate your skin with nourishing coconut oil and alluring, essential oils that will drive everybody crazy. Loaded with organic mica bronzing shimmer to give your body that extra Golden glow all weekend long.
If stranded on a desert island and you could only bring one thing, this would be it. Its multi-purpose and healing properties have made it the "Holy Grail" of all oils. You can use it for your entire body, face, hair, and for any unexpected cuts or bruises. Great for sun application and for when you’ve gotten too much sun. Keep those dry, frizzy hairs in place and keep your skin hydrated, nourished and protected from the festival elements.
Immediately gives you a golden glow and nourishes and brightens your skin. Completely absorbable and non-greasy, this oil will take your beauty to the next level. The perfect foundation for an all day extravaganza. Naturally contains an SPF 8-10. No matter how hard you partied the night before, we got you!

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