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5 Steps to Creating Intentions for The New Year

You are the creator of your life. You get to choose how you want to live it but you have to first realize that you are worthy and be open to receive the endless blessings the universe wants to give you!


You do not need to work to bring in what you want to manifest and you don't have to go anywhere to get it, you simply need to realize that it's all already yours. All possibilities exist in the present moment. Abundance, joy, love and success are your birthright, you just have to feel worthy of receiving it and match the high vibration and frequency of what you want to draw into your future. It all starts with self-love. Treating yourself with as much love as you would a little child or a loved one. The love you have for yourself sets the foundation for everything else in your life.


Take some special time each day nurturing and caring for yourself. Daily rituals of self-care through bathing, body scrubs, self massage with organic body oils, face masks and face massage tools. While you practice these self-care acts be sure to recite your affirmations of self-love. Switch it up and listen to what it is your body needs each day.


Tune in, meditate or go on a walking meditation and reflect on the moments you had this year that made your year great. See how far you have come and how much you have learned and acknowledge yourself for that.  


Write down the highlights that stand out and begin to free write and let your hand intuitively flow. This is only for you so let yourself go with no inhibitions to enable you to become more clear about what truly matters for you and want you want more of/ less of in your life.


Having gratitude is the ONLY way to get more of what you want and be able to achieve true, everlasting happiness. 


For a moment, don't think of the past or anticipate the future, just be here right now and find gratitude with exactly where you are. When your mind starts to wander to thoughts of, if I had this, or I need this or if I was in a little better shape...look down at your feet and be where your feet are and find three things to be grateful for right now. Keep practicing this throughout your days.


Now that you are clear and in gratitude for all you do have, comes the fun part. In your journal, write out your ideal outcome, your ideal year. Allow yourself to fantasize and daydream as you write. Nothing is off limits and no dream is too big. Writing out your intentions and goals makes them 42% more likely to come true.


Set your intentions, now the hard part is to trust and let it all go.


Live your life at your highest potential each and every day, being the best version of you. Be kind, compassionate, and loving. Be positive to be around and do your best and the electromagnetic field you are broadcasting will shift and you will begin to draw your future towards you.

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