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The Truth About Sunscreen and Our Original Source of Healing Light

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I get messages almost every day about my skin- What do you use on your skin? Do you use a self tanner? No, then how are you always so tan?~ Let me preface by saying, I’ve always gone against the grain and done things differently. But these are some of the questions I have been asked for years and the catalyst for me to create and share my golden secret line.

1. I believe in the sun have only worn sunscreen when it was a last resort to seeking shade. For example, being was on holiday exposed to sun all day on a boat where I cannot seek shade.
2. I body scrub/exfoliate often~ something you can’t do daily if you use self tanner & a key factor to naturally glowing skin
3. I only use The Golden Secrets natural, non-toxic, organic products for over 20 years now. These formulas that have been used since ancient times to naturally protect the skin from solar radiation by absorbing UV radiation. The Golden Secrets natural oils work because they mend skin damage by healing DNA at the cellular level of the skin~before, during and after sun exposure.
To follow up on #1 because my whole life I've gotten a lot of grief for this. When I was in my teens, bathing in the sun as I do now, people would say you are going to regret that when your in your 40’s. Well gratefully I do not regret it and feel like my skin actually looks better than when I was in my 20's!

Here’s the truth:

~Most woman use chemically filled products that make the skin more sensitive to the sun, therefore any heat, not even direct sun will create discoloration and melasma

~Sunscreen, even “natural ones” are not only horrible for you but the environment as well and they block your bodies signal, telling you that you have gotten enough sun. Going beyond this point, which is what most sunscreens block is where the damage and killing of skin cells happen. Turning flush and beginning to burn is your indication that you have had enough sun. The reddening of the skin is an increase of blood flow as the body attempts to heal itself by removing the dead cells. I also believe getting brief moments of this actually tricks the skin into thinking it’s damaged and it’s attempt to repair itself, increases collagen & skin health. Something that lasers, red lights and other new skincare devices try to imitate what nature and our original source of healing light already does so perfectly.

~Receiving the suns rays allows your body to manufacture its essential vitamin D within the skin- a vitamin (actually a hormone) most people are deficient in since the rise of sunscreen, causing a whole slew of health issues. Healthy Vitamin D levels are responsible for regulating our mood, immune function, maintaining optimal weight, fighting off dis-ease and actually preventing skin from aging prematurely.

~Your diet and current state of health have everything to do with your ability to receive the suns rays~ the sun is never the problem, the sun only exposes the problem. 

Years of poor food choices cause cancer, not the sun

~ If sunscreens actually worked against skin cancer then the numbers of skin cancers would have gone down with the explosion of sunscreen. Instead the rate of melanoma has had a tremendous increase in the last 30 years since sunscreen has been widely publicized.

Clean up your diet. An unhealthy body cannot absorb the suns rays properly. Remove processed foods, sugar and industrial seed oils. Eat your sunscreen by eating close to nature. Your skin is your largest organ so when exposed to the healing sun, your body (especially the liver) will attempt to eliminate any toxic waste and sickness through the skin. Sun spots are the toxins coming out. Clean up your diet, cleanse your liver and those “liver/sun spots” will disappear.

~I highly recommend reading Sunscreens- Biohazard: Treat as Hazard Waste by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D to learn more. Her research is truly mind blowing and will have you think differently about putting sunscreen on yourself and your children. 
I also recommend Heal Yourself with Sunlight by Andreas Mortiz

~ I talk more about my love of the sun in my book, The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health as well as my latest ebook, High Vibrational Activation Guide.

What about your children?

Children are even more receptive to chemicals in sunscreens causing a whole slew of health issues. Sunscreen also gives a false sense of security that can cause more damage long-term.

Here are some things you can do first:

  • Minimize long periods of sun exposure during the strongest times, which are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. These are also the best times to receive UVB rays but the amount of time each person can and should be exposed is based on their skin tone, diet and other health factors.
  • Use oils that naturally protect and counteract damage and oxidative stress caused by over exposure to damaging UV rays, like The Heal All Oil
  • Build a healthy melanin foundation without burning or sunscreen. Morning and late sun exposure allow the body to better receive mid-day sun, which  is best time to get sufficient Vitamin D.
  • Eat the rainbow. For children and adults sometimes a smoothie a day is the best way to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need and where nutrition lacks, you can fill the gap with supplements.
  • Clothing protection via hats, rash guards, shirts, and umbrellas.

I always say, nature first so once you have done all of the above and still need protection, as in my sons case, whom is an avid surfer and spends 6 hours a day in the water (way too much). Although, I have yet to find a natural sunscreen that is 100% safe for us and the environment we have had to incorporate them along with The Golden Secrets Heal All Oil for my sons sport. Key here is to choose a sunscreen with no nano particles and make sure it’s coral reef safe and as “natural” as possible, made with minerals not chemicals. This means you actually want the thick white layer. 

Be like a flower, turn your face to the sun. - Kahlil Gibran

Besides The Heal All Oil, we also recommend The Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil for after sun care. The Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil contains jasmine, among other healing ingredients, including coconut oil. But jasmine in particular works as it has the ability to mend skin damage by healing DNA at the cellular level of the skin.