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Jesse Golden's Essentials

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$ 224.00$ 236.00

Not sure where to start?

Get the 4 products our founder and CEO uses every single day to get her renowned golden glow + a FREE recyclable, oversized skincare bag.

What it includes and why it's special:

Youth Beauty Face Oil- The fountain of youth! My secret to aging with as much grace as possible. At 42 years young, I often just wear this face oil, our lip balm, and no make-up at all. The glow is real ya'll. 

Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil- Best scent ever! But watch out because you might attract unwanted suitors! haha but for real this scent is absolutely intoxicating, yet subtle enough to apply every day. So ditch your daily moisturizer and move on to our oil. This natural bronzing oil will give you a little boost in confidence and leave your skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

Signature Blend Perfume- My signature scent for over 28 years and the reason The Golden Secrets exists today. I first formulated this blend in high school and for years people asked me what I was wearing and where they could get it, so I finally bottled it. I realized that if people aren't commenting you on your scent, then you're wearing the wrong one. Keep this in your purse or bag every day and re-apply often.

Coconut Lip Balm- I've always been obsessed with lip balm but most of them were either loaded with toxic chemicals, left a film on my lips, or made them actually drier. Our lip balm is insanely delicious, certified organic, and helps to make your lips kissably soft, smooth, and plump! Oh! Did I mention it's coconut?




Jesse Golden's Essentials

$ 224.00$ 236.00