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Friday Night Kit

$ 209.00$ 236.00


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Everything you need to turn heads on your night out!

Get the 4 products our team uses to glow from head to toe + our Recycled, oversized skincare bag FREE!

"This is my go-to kit to get that golden glow from head to toe that everyone is always asking me about." -Jesse Golden

What it includes and why it's special:

Youth Beauty Face Oil- The fountain of youth! Our secret to aging gracefully. At 44 years young, our founder, Jesse, often just wears this face oil, lip balm, and no make-up at all. The glow is real ya'll. 

Aphrodisiac Glow Oil-  This natural bronzing oil will give you a boost in confidence and leave your skin soft, smooth, and radiant. The scent is absolutely intoxicating yet subtle enough to apply all over. So ditch your daily moisturizer and move on to our oil. 

Signature Blend Perfume- This alluring scent is based on ancient folklore to entice love, romance, and abundance. Don't be surprised if you get some suitors while wearing it. Keep it in your purse or bag on your daily journeys, and re-apply often.

Coconut Lip Balm- Our organic lip balm makes your lips kissably soft and plump, minus all the synthetic and toxic chemicals found in most lip balms. 


RITUAL: There are no rules! Mix a few drops of Youth and Aphrodisiac for the perfect sun-kissed glow on your face. Plump your lips and make them kissably soft with the Coconut Lip Balm. Spray all exposed areas of your body with Aphrodisiac for the most beautiful, subtle gleam. Lastly, apply Signature to all your pulse points and keep it with you all night to reapply as often as needed.

Friday Night Kit

$ 209.00$ 236.00