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Birthed from the heart and soul of Jesse Golden, The Golden Secrets is a holistic, sustainable, fair trade, wild-harvested, and cruelty-free skincare + wellness line to inspire rituals of self-love and unveil a natural, ageless, golden glow. Rooted in nature, ancient wisdom, and organic beauty, we are committed to giving back and providing tools for the conscious consumer to live a more balanced, fulfilled, beautiful and purposeful life. Created in California, The Golden Secrets thrives on making skincare and wellness products that benefit everyBODY. All ethnicities, sexual orientation, and specific skin needs.

Every product comes with specific affirmations to be recited while applying to further enhance the benefits. Creating opportunities in your daily life to tune in with your highest self and make new, healthy agreements for internal growth, optimal health, and everlasting beauty. We believe in creating opportunities through your regular daily skincare regimen that support and honor yourself, those around you, and the environment. We believe that when you tend your body temple and align with nature you easily flow and naturally glow. And we believe in skincare that doesn’t harm you or the environment but instead works in harmony to awaken it. We are committed and compassionate for all living beings and believe that we are all connected and all in this together. Our intention is to expand awareness, inspire transformation, and empower you to realize your full human potential.

How it all began...

The Golden Secrets all started over 25 years ago when I was first introduced to essential oils. I loved learning about the different qualities and effects that they had on my state of mind and overall well-being. I was constantly making unique blends to help me with daily issues when one formula stuck out from the rest. It seemed to have a special magic about it that I had never experienced before and every time I wore it, people would ask me what it was I was wearing. This went on for 25 years! 

Over a decade ago, I started a blog called The Golden Secrets, where I shared my love of health, fitness, and spirituality and continue to this day. As a yoga teacher, Holistic health practitioner, single mother, model, and woman living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I had collected a lot of insight on the importance of organic, holistic health and a positive mindset. I loved sharing all the tools that had helped me overcome and thrive. At this same time, a friend of mine, who I really admired in business and who had always complimented me on my Golden Secrets scent said, why don't you bottle that and put it on your I did. I made 100 bottles and put them on my website and it took off!

 "This little bottle of oil has helped me so much in my life, I just wanted to share it with the world."

The First Bottles

Before the infamous roller ball Signature Blend Essential Oil Perfume we have now, we had a traditional essential oil bottle. The new bottle, same formula.

Still Hand-Poured

Fun fact: I have personally handcrafted over 20,000 bottles. Years of handcrafting was a labor of love. I used to say it was like a home-cooked meal. I knew there would come a time when I would have to stop making each bottle by hand if I wanted to be able to share TGS with the world. After years of searching for the right team to hand my baby over to, we are finally in manufacturing. I spent over two years and two hand surgeries, making sure that they had my formulas perfect before I transitioned.

The main ingredient is always Love. 

Founder, Jesse Golden