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pregnancy safe

Womb Wisdom Skin-Toning Oil

$ 89.00


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Size: 4 fl oz I 120 ml

Think Dirty Best Body Oil Award 2023

The FIRST Ever Organic, Synthetic Fragrance-Free, True Pregnancy-Safe Body Oil.


A one-of-a-kind, regenerative, all-over, skin-healing nourishment designed to support and honor all the phases of a woman’s life, especially the most delicate ones.

"This is my everyday all-over body moisturizer, and now that I'm pregnant again at 45 my body just can't get enough of it. It makes my skin feel so nourished and glowy all day long, and the light scent is so uplifting. Everyone needs to experience this divine skin-toning body oil." - Jesse Golden, TGS founder


Formulated with incredibly effective, organic, stable oils that safeguard your skin from damage and quickly melt deep into the skin’s layers creating a protective barrier that seals in moisture to relieve itchy, stretchy skin and prevent & reduce stretch marks. Encourages natural elasticity and boosts skin regeneration for a more smooth, clear, ageless glow. Lightly scented with organic essential oils to calm and protect the auric field so that you can embody the sacred cycle you are in.

98% of our customers said their skin felt deeply nourished and noticed an overall improvement in skin texture and elasticity.

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Key Ingredients

Womb Wisdom Skin-Toning Oil

$ 89.00