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Long Lash Growth Serum

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$ 89.00


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Size: 4.5 ML I 0.15 FL OZ 


Clinically shown to promote the appearance of fuller, thicker, stronger, and longer-looking lashes in as little as eight weeks.

" I was determined to help women feel more confident without having to rely on false lashes and hormones that destroy the beauty and health of their own lashes." -Jesse Golden, TGS founder


A revolutionary, safe alternative, strengthening, and nourishing serum that synergistically works to optimize lash health. Our clean, non-toxic, scientifically-formulated Triple Peptide Complex delivers nutrients to feed lashes with nature’s most powerful superstars. Backed by clinically-tested and active ingredients to encourage growth cycles to maximize, prevent breakage, and repair damage from cleansing, curling, mascara, extensions, and false lashes. Free from prostaglandins to naturally enhance the beauty of your own lashes without negative side effects. This is Jesse Golden’s secret to long, natural, full, and beautiful lashes without makeup, extensions, or compromise. Fast, safe, and effective.

Restores sparse, brittle, damaged lashes with three of the most promising peptides for optimal lash health & growth:

      • 100% vegan & cruelty-free
      • Free of prostaglandins, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, GMOs, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, soy, or gluten
      • Safe for everyday use, with no toxins or hormones

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Key Ingredients

Long Lash Growth Serum

$ 89.00

  • Is it hormone free and free from?

    Yes! Free of prostaglandins, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, GMOs, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, soy, or gluten. 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny Approved.

  • How often do I apply?

    Morning & evening, apply to clean, dry skin on the upper & lower lash lines at the root. Prior to your makeup application in the a.m. and before bed. Repeat daily. Consistency is key for optimal results. Can also be used on eyebrows.

  • When should I expect to see results?

    Clinically shown to promote the appearance of fuller, thicker, stronger, and longer-looking lashes in as little as eight weeks. We recommend allowing 16 weeks for full results.

  • Are the results permanent?

    To maintain long lasting results continual use is required. Once desired results are acheived, you can reduce application to once per day to maintain results.

  • Can this be used under makeup?

    Yes, Long Lash Growth Serum can be applied to clean, dry lashes and brows prior to makeup application.

  • Is it safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

    Yes, there are no ingredients in our Long Lash Growth Serum that are non-pregnancy safe, but we alwyas recommend you speak with your medical doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have any concerns.

  • How long does the product last?

    Each bottle is a three month supply, using twice daily. We recommend replacing your bottle after 3 months to maintain freshness.

  • Can I use it on my eyebrows?

    Yes, apply to your clean, dry eyebrows twice a day for more full, healthy brows.

  • Why haven't I seen results yet?

    Long Lash starts working on your lashes from the very first application, even if the results aren't visible. Depending on the cycle of your lashes growth phase when you start, it may take some time for all your lashes to catch up. That is why we recommend applying every day, twice a day for a full 16 weeks for optimal results. It is very important that you use the product correctly as instructed. Consistency is key to ensuring that you see the results you want. Results vary from person to person.