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Could Putting Oils in your Belly Button Make Your Face Glow?

Did you know that what you put on and in your belly button can affect your face and other areas of your body and mind?

Navel therapy, also known as Pechoti method, is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves putting warm oil in the navel cavity to nurture, detoxify and treat common ailments, anti-aging and beauty concerns. The belly button also has physical and spiritual significance- having the ability to affect and change your emotion and uplift your mood. 

When you truly think about it, it makes sense. Our belly button represents where our umbilical cord was and that was attached to our placenta, which fed and nurtured us while in the womb. With 72,000 nerve receptors at our belly button, our belly buttons remain the life line and life force that connects everything in our body.

Here are some of our favorite TGS oils and other things you just might have in your kitchen to place in your belly button and improve your glow:

For acne prone, eczema, and inflamed skin: Place a few drops of Heal All Oil into your belly button before you go to sleep. We highly recommend using this as an all-over body oil so after applying all over simply put a little extra into your belly button and massage. Our Heal All has high antibacterial properties to eliminate acne, inflammation and other wounds.

For aging skin: Apply the Youth Beauty Face Oil into your belly button for an ageless glowy complexion. Our Youth Beauty is formulated with natural trans-retinoic acid, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more to provide complete nourishment and graceful aging with each application.

For glowing skin: Place a dab of ghee into your belly button. I put ghee into my coffee every day but I bet you didn't know that placing it into your belly button could give you a luminous glow. This is one of the most common Ayurvedic ancient beauty rituals that has been used for centuries for that natural glow.

For brightening skin & hyperpigmentation: Place a few drops of lemon oil into your belly button. I am not a big fan of using lemon oil on my face because it is phototoxic and could actually create more hyperpigmentation when in sun or heat but placing it in your belly button is a great way to reap its benefits of brightening and evening the skin tone of the face without the side effects of doing so.

{Phototoxicity happens when certain chemical constituents bind to DNA in the skin and then react with UV light, killing the cells and damaging tissues.}

You can also apply the Signature Blend into the belly button, which is formulated with organic lemon oil and other beneficial oils that help speed up healing and fight depression. 

For detoxifying the body & mind: Apply Goddess Shaping Body Oil. This highly potent oil is designed to detoxify, purify and smooth the skin. It can also help boot immunity and a weak constitution. After applying all over, intentionally massage it into the belly button to further reap the benefits of this miraculous oil.

For dry, cracked, rough skin: Apply our Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil. Formulated with coconut and jojoba oil for the smoothest, most hydrated skin. It can also support hormone balance, increase libido and promote cell growth.

Lastly, another great product for acne and infections is honey: Honey is a natural antiseptic so it is great for treating infections and acne. Plus it can help you get a deep restful sleep.

Be mindful not to use toxic oils, lotions or moisturizers on your skin, especially near your belly button as this can actually be the cause of the skin on your face to look dull and/or broken out and age rapidly.

Try these options at night before bed. I recommend practicing for a full month straight to see the best results then using accordingly based on your skin's needs. Can be used up to 2-3 times per day.







* Remember everything is connected and everything you put onto your body matters as much as what you put into your body. 

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